The members of the Board of Review shall be appointed by the City Council, and removal from office shall be for cause upon recommendation of the Mayor and approval of the City Council. The first members shall be appointed during the month of January, 1976, three (3) year terms expiring January 1, 1977, three (3) for terms expiring January 1, 1978 and three (3) for terms expiring January 1, 1979. Thereafter three (3) members shall be appointed in the month of December of each year, for at term of three (3) years, commencing on the following January first. No person may be appointed to the Board of Review who resides in the same ward of the City as a person already serving on the Board of Review. Vacancies occurring prior to the expiration of the term shall be filled for the remainder of the term in the same manner as an expired term. The City Assessor and/or his designees shall be entitled to be present and to be heard on all matters before the Board, but shall have no vote. The City Clerk or his authorized representative shall be Clerk of the Board and shall keep a permanent record of all proceedings of the Board on file in his office.
(Ord. 2538, passed 12-22-1975; Ord. 2760, passed 2-25-1980; Ord. 3098, passed 5-8-1989)