§ 12-182  SAME — ISSUANCE; TERM.
   (a)   The City Clerk shall issue a permit provided for in § 12-180 when the City Clerk shall find the following facts exist:
      (1)   That all of the statements made in the application are true;
      (2)   That the applicant has a good reputation for honesty and integrity, or if the applicant is not an individual, that every officer, manager or agent of the applicant has a good reputation for honesty and integrity;
      (3)   That the control and supervision of the solicitation or sale will be under responsible and reliable persons;
      (4)   That the applicant has not engaged in any fraudulent transaction or enterprise.
      (5)   That the applicant has not been previously granted more than one permit during the calendar year.
   (b)   The City Clerk shall notify the Police Department, the Chief Legal Officer, the Chief Administrator and the City Council of any action taken under this chapter.
   (c)   No permit issued under this chapter shall be valid for a period exceeding seven (7) consecutive days for street solicitations or fourteen (14) consecutive days for all other types of solicitations governed by this article.
   (d)   No door-to-door solicitation or sales shall occur prior to 10:00 a.m. or after 7:00 p.m. on any day.
   (e)   If the City Clerk denies the applicant’s request for a permit under this article, the City Clerk shall provide the applicant with written notice of the denial and the reasons for the denial. The applicant shall have the right to appeal to the City Council, or a committee of Council, within fourteen days after receiving notice of denial. The appeal shall be made by writing a letter and filing it with the City Clerk stating that an appeal from the denial of the permit by the City Clerk is desired. The City Council, or a committee of Council, shall convene to hear an appeal at their next regular meeting after written notice of appeal has been filed with the City Clerk. If an appeal is not made within the fourteen-day period the right to make the appeal is waived.
(Ord. 598, passed 10-8-1945; Ord. 2710, passed 6-11-1979; Ord. 2853, passed 9-27-1982; Ord. 3532, passed 5-10-2004)