Any person, firm or corporation desiring to bargain, sell, contract for or deliver coal or coke at retail within the City of Flint shall make application under oath and in writing to the City Clerk for a license so to do, on blanks which shall be supplied for that purpose, giving the following information:
      (a)   The name under which such business is to be conducted.
      (b)   Nature of the organization, whether an individual, firm, corporation or association.
      (c)   Proposed location or address of all storage yards and of the principal business office if it is at a different location than the yards.
      (d)   Name of the person to be actively in charge of the proposed business.
      (e)   The applicant possesses, leases or has continuous access to sufficient and necessary scales and weighing facilities that have been sealed by the Sealer of Weights and Measures, and the location of the scales and weighing facilities.
   Such application shall thereafter be transmitted to the City Administrator who shall investigate the same, the result of which shall be reported in writing with his recommendation of approval or denial of the license to the City Clerk within thirty days after he has received such application. If the license is approved by the City Administrator and the said applicant has not had a fuel license theretofore revoked, the City Clerk, upon payment by the applicant of a fee as specified in Chapter 26 of this Code, shall forthwith issue a license to such applicant, which license shall be indexed by the City Clerk and shall bear a distinct number which shall be retained from year to year provided the license is properly renewed. If the City Administrator shall refuse to approve the application for license, the City Clerk, upon petition by the applicant, shall refer such application to the City Council for such action as it sees fit to take. Such license after its issuance, and all licenses shall be deemed to expire on April 30 of each year, and shall be renewed by the City Clerk upon the payment of the annual fee without filing a new application. The license fee shall be paid for any part or portion of the year while the license is in force.
(Ord. 370, passed 1-29-1931; Ord. 1072, passed 3-24-1953)
Statutory reference:
   Weights and Measures Act, Act 283 of 1964, see MCLA 290.601 et seq.