Any license issued under the provisions of this article may be suspended or revoked by the City Council at any time that the City Council may deem or determine that the holder of the license is not in compliance with § 12-29 hereof, or has been convicted of any violation of this article.
   Revocation shall be accomplished by a hearing held before the City Council, or a hearing panel of said Council in accordance with the rules for hearings previously adopted by the City Council.
   In addition, where the holder of a license granted under this article is also the licensed owner or operator of an alcoholic liquor establishment, and in connection with the operation of such establishment, said licensee violates or allows another person to violate, any rule or regulation promulgated by the Liquor Control Commission, any law of the State of Michigan, or any ordinance of the City of Flint, the City Council may, after notice and hearing as described above, suspend or revoke any license granted under the provisions of this article.
(Ord. 599, passed 10-8-1945; Ord. 1671, passed 5-7-1962; Ord. 2831, passed 4-26-1982; Ord. 2936, passed 1-28-1985)