Any person desiring to obtain a license as an operator or to obtain licenses for mechanical amusement devices or to obtain a license to operate a penny arcade or cigarette vending machines shall first make application for such license to the City Council, in writing, which application shall be sworn to before the City Clerk or Deputy City Clerk and shall contain the following information:
   (a)   Name and address of applicant.
   (b)   The number of mechanical amusement devices or cigarette vending machines intended to be operated.
   (c)   If the applicant is an individual or a partnership, the names and addresses of all applicants and partners and a statement of any criminal convictions or pending criminal prosecutions of or against any such person.
   (d)   If the applicant is a club, association or corporation, the following data shall be given in addition to other requirements of this section.
      (1)   Type of organization.
      (2)   Names and address of the officers.
      (3)   The name and address of the person to be in charge of or manage the equipment for which the licenses covered by this article are required and a statement of any criminal conviction or pending prosecution of or against any such person.
      (4)   If the applicant is a nonprofit corporation, a detailed statement of its purpose and disposition of funds shall be given.
   (e)   There shall be attached to the application, sets of fingerprints in duplicate of all individual applicants and partners thereof and all persons who are managers or to be in charge of any equipment for which licenses covered by this article are required. If managers or persons in charge are set out above are changed during the license year, the requirements of this article shall be met before such duties are assumed by the new parties involved.
   (f)   The address of the location of the license(s). If said licenses are to be transferred from one location to another, in the City of Flint, the holder of the license shall notify the City Clerk, on forms provided by the City Clerk, of the old and new location of such license(s) and the approximate date of the transfer. In any event, notification shall be within forty-eight (48) hours after the transfer of said license(s). In the event that the City Clerk shall notify the holder of the license(s) that the proposed new location is on the “suspended” list, as indicated in § 12-35 hereof, the licensee shall remove the machine within forty-eight (48) hours.
(Ord. 599, passed 10-8-1945; Ord. 1039, passed 9-4-1952; Ord. 2831, passed 4-26-1982)