Article I: General Provisions
Division A: Findings and Purpose
   8.01   Findings and purpose
   8.02   Orders of police or enforcement officers
Division B: State Laws Adopted by Reference
   8.03   State statutes incorporated by reference
Division C: Definitions
   8.04   Definitions
Division D: Penalties and Severability
   8.05   Penalties and severability
Article II: Traffic Code
   8.06   Traffic and parking on boulevards
   8.07   Excess dimension, weight or load
   8.08   Parking, stopping or standing
   8.09   Temporary or emergency regulations
   8.10   Controlled access highway
   8.11   Unreasonable acceleration of motor vehicles
   8.12   Operation and regulation of motorized golf carts
   8.13   Bicycle and pedestrian regulations
   8.14   Condition of unattended motor vehicle; open ignition
Article III: Vehicle Regulations
Division A: Storage of Abandoned, Junk, and Inoperable Vehicles as Public Nuisances
   8.15   Declaration of storage of abandoned, junk and inoperable vehicles as public nuisances
   8.16   Open storage of abandoned, junk and inoperable vehicles prohibited
   8.17   Notice to remove
   8.18   Failure to remove
   8.19   Removal and disposition
Division B: Custody and Impoundment of Abandoned, Junk, Inoperable and Unauthorized Vehicles
   8.20   Purpose
   8.21   Abandoned, junk or inoperable vehicles
   8.22   Unauthorized vehicles
   8.23   Sale proceeds by city or public impound lot
   8.24   Sale proceeds by nonpublic impound lots
   8.25   Implied consent to sell
   8.26   Authority to contract for towing services
Division C: Snowmobiles
   8.27   Purpose and intent
   8.28   Definition and regulations
Division D: Personal Recreational Vehicles
   8.29   Purpose and intent
   8.30   Prohibited areas and acts
   8.31   Street crossings
   8.32   Hours for use
   8.33   Minimum equipment requirements
   8.33.01   Reserved
   8.34   Designation of public areas for use
   8.35   Penalty
Article IV: Parking
Division A: Parking on Private Property
   8.36   Permission required
   8.37   No parking signs
   8.38   Violations
   8.39   Notice; impounding
Division B: No Parking Zones
   8.40   Zones designated
   8.41   Parking
   8.42   Regulation of parking at city owned facilities
Division C: Parking Designated for Disabled Persons
   8.43   Parking restrictions
   8.44   Designation of location and description of signs
Division D: Winter Parking Restrictions
   8.45   Automatic parking ban after snowfall
   8.46   Declared snow emergency
   8.47   Removal of illegally parked vehicles