(a)   Removal by city. If the of any which is in violation of this Division A, or the of the property upon which such vehicle is located, fails, neglects or refuses to remove or properly house the , or in accordance with the notice, the shall be deemed to be in violation of this Article III of this city code and the may cause the removal and disposal of the vehicle.
   (b)   Removal and disposal of , or . The removal and disposal of , or must be in accordance with the provisions set forth in Division B of this Article III. The notice provisions of Division B of this Article III shall apply once the vehicle is taken into custody.
   (c)   Allowing access to remove , or . The of the real property upon which the vehicle is located must facilitate access by the city’s contracted agent to the , or , or allow the city’s contracted agent to reasonably clear obstructions to gain access to the , or , and to tow or otherwise remove the , or . Failure to facilitate the removal of a , or is a misdemeanor, additionally subject to civil administrative penalties pursuant to § 1.13 of this city code.
(1958 Code, § 106.10) (Ord. 67-61, passed 12-4-1967; deleted by Ord. 2008-17, passed 5-19-2008; recodified by Ord. 2013-9, passed 4-1-2013; Ord. 2016-24, passed 10-24-2016)