Article I: Introduction and Establishment
   21.101—21.105   Reserved
   21.106   Conflicting provisions
   21.107   Severability
   21.108   Relationship between Chapters 19 and 21
   21.109   Penalty
Article II: Districts and Uses
Division A: Reserved
Division B: Residential Zoning Districts
   21.203   Residential Zoning Districts
   21.203.01   Single-Family Residential (R-1) District
   21.203.02   Large Lot Single-Family Residential (RS-1) District
   21.203.03   Restricted Large Lot Single-Family Residential (R-1A) District
   21.203.04   Townhouse Residential (R-3) District
   21.203.05   Multiple-Family Residential (R-4) District
   21.203.06   Multiple-Family Residential (RM-12) District
   21.203.07   Multiple-Family Residential (RM-24) District
   21.203.08   Multiple-Family Residential (RM-50) District
   21.203.09   Multiple-Family Residential (RM-100) District
Division C: Neighborhood Commercial Zoning Districts
   21.204   Neighborhood Commercial Zoning Districts
   21.204.01   Neighborhood Office (B-1) District
   21.204.02   General Commercial (B-2) District
   21.204.03   Neighborhood Commercial Center (B-4) District
Division D: Freeway Commercial Zoning Districts
   21.205   Freeway Commercial Zoning Districts
   21.205.01   Freeway Office and Service (C-1) District
   21.205.02   Freeway Commercial (C-2) District
   21.205.03   Freeway Commercial Center (C-3) District
   21.205.04   Freeway Office (C-4) District
   21.205.05   Freeway Mixed use (C-5) District
Division E: Industrial Zoning Districts
   21.206   Industrial Zoning Districts
   21.206.01   Industrial Park (I-1) District
   21.206.02   Limited Industry (I-2) District
   21.206.03   General Industry (I-3) District
   21.206.04   Industrial Park (IP) District
   21.206.05   Freeway Development (FD-2) District
   21.206.06   Innovation and Technology (IT) District
Division F: Specialized Zoning Districts
   21.207   Specialized zoning districts; purpose
   21.207.01   Mixed Use (CX-2) District
   21.207.02   Lindau Mixed Use (LX) District
Division G: Overlay Zoning Districts
   21.208   Overlay zoning districts
   21.208.01   Flood Hazard (FH) Overlay District
   21.208.02   Bluff Protection (BP) Overlay District
   21.209   Use Tables
Division I: General Provisions
   21.210   Conflicting provisions
   21.211   Severability
Article III: Development Standards
Division A: General Standards
   21.301.01   Development intensity and site characteristics
   21.301.02   Structure placement
   21.301.03   Structure design
   21.301.04   Sidewalks
   21.301.05   Drive through facilities
   21.301.06   Parking and loading
   21.301.07   Exterior lighting
   21.301.08   Fences
   21.301.09   Transportation demand management (TDM)
   21.301.10   Height
   21.301.11   Solar power
   21.301.12   Noise attenuation
   21.301.13   Recreational vehicles
   21.301.14   Tree preservation
   21.301.15   Landscaping and screening
   21.301.16   Exterior storage
   21.301.17   Refuse, solid waste, and recyclable materials handling and storage facilities
   21.301.18   Screening of roof-mounted equipment
   21.301.19   Accessory buildings
Division B: Use Standards
   21.302.01   Motor vehicle sales
   21.302.02   Residential uses in commercial zoning districts
   21.302.03   Accessory dwelling units
   21.302.04   Two-family dwellings
   21.302.05   Limited agriculture, bees, and gardening
   21.302.06   Institutional use standards
   21.302.07   Single-family residential standards
   21.302.08   Townhouse standards
   21.302.09   Multiple-family dwelling design and performance standards
   21.302.10   Manufactured home park
   21.302.11   Firearm facilities
   21.302.12   Temporary outdoor sales
   21.302.13   Home businesses
   21.302.14    Electric vehicle charging standards
   21.302.15   Convenience facility with fuel sales
   21.302.16   Self-storage facilities
   21.302.17   Major commercial golf facility
   21.302.18   Mobile food units
   21.302.19   Restaurants and catering businesses
   21.302.20   Cemeteries and crematoria standards
   21.302.21   Family day shelter, unlicensed standards
   21.302.22   Medical marijuana distribution facilities
   21.302.23   Residential care facilities
   21.302.24   Congregate living facilities
   21.302.25   Schools and colleges
   21.302.26   Prohibited dwellings
   21.302.27   Day care facilities
   21.302.28   Pet services facility
   21.302.29   Breweries, brewpubs, distilleries, taprooms, cocktail rooms, wineries
   21.302.30   Work/live units
   21.302.31   Solid waste transfer stations, solid waste weigh stations, household hazardous waste and permanent recycling collection facilities, temporary recycling events, and junk car disposal businesses
   21.302.32   Retail showrooms
   21.302.33   Temporary sales of donated items
   21.302.34   Temporary pandemic, epidemic, or emergency service facility
   21.302.35   Data centers
Division C: Reserved
Division D: Reserved
Division E: General Provisions
   21.305.01   Conflicting provisions
   21.305.02   Severability
Article IV: Reserved
Article V: Administration and Nonconformity
Division A: Approvals and Permits
   21.501.01   Final site and building plans
   21.501.02   Preliminary development plans
   21.501.03   Final development plans
   21.501.04   Conditional use permits
   21.501.05   Interim use permits
   21.501.06   Master sign plan
   21.501.07—21.501.12   Reserved
   21.501.13   Neighborhood unit developments
Division B: Application Processes
   21.502.01   Application processes
Division C: Reserved
Division D: Nonconformity
   21.504   Nonconformity
Division E: Moratoria
Division F: Environmental Review
   21.506.01   Purpose
   21.506.02   General provisions
   21.506.03   Environmental Assessment Worksheets (EAW)
   21.506.04   Environmental Impact Statements (EIS)
   21.506.05   Alternative Urban Areawide Review (AUAR)
   21.506.06   Compliance and enforcement
Division G: Reserved
Division H: General Provisions
   21.507.01   Conflicting provisions
   21.507.02   Severability