Any parked in violation of this code is deemed to be a nuisance that interferes with snow removal from public rights-of-way. In accordance with the Bloomington Police Department Manual, Patrol Procedures 306 and 316, any law enforcement officer may follow the orange tag procedure to cause the removal of any such vehicle by means of towing. The removal of illegally shall not preclude prosecutions for violations of any provision of this Division D.
(1958 Code, § 146.04) (Ord. 69-68, passed 8-4-1969; Ord. 71-29, passed 5-17-1971; Ord. 91-75, passed 11-18-1991; Ord. 95-22, passed 11-20-1995; recodified by Ord. 2013-9, passed 4-1-2013)