Whenever the of property used for or in connection with business purposes is required by ordinance, by the conditions precedent or applicable to the issuance of a use or occupancy permit, or by written order of the Fire Marshal or the Chief of Police, to maintain driveways, access lanes or other areas unobstructed by parked or stopped vehicles for the purpose of ensuring access or egress for police, fire and emergency vehicles, the of such property shall place or cause to be placed a sign or signs as follows.
   (1)   The sign shall be placed in such a position that it is visible to anyone attempting to use the way or area for parking, and the sign shall display the international symbol for no parking and the words “Fire Lane.” In lieu of the international symbol for no parking, the sign may state: “No Stopping or Parking - Violators Tagged and Towed by Order of the City Council” or “No Parking - Fire Lane.”
   (2)   The signs shall be permanent, nonportable signs, except when temporary signs are approved by written order of the Fire Marshal or Chief of Police.
   (3)   The signs shall be placed at appropriate locations approved by the city.
   (4)   At the entrance to a business or an establishment where such signs have been placed as set forth in this section, exception may be made for persons who let passengers off from or pick passengers up with their vehicle at such an entrance.
(1958 Code, § 188.03) (Ord. 145, passed 4-4-1950; Ord. 95-22, passed 11-20-1995; Ord. 2009-2, passed 2-2-2009; recodified by Ord. 2013-9, passed 4-1-2013)