(a)   An is required for movement of any upon streets and highways under the jurisdiction of the city.
   (b)   The application for an must be completed in writing on a form provided by the city and specifically describe:
      (1)   The by type, weight and dimensions;
      (2)   The contents, weight and dimensions of the load to be moved, including a description of any hazardous materials within the load;
      (3)   The route over which the and load will travel, specifically identifying the particular highways and roadways;
      (4)   The date and times of the movement;
      (5)   The names and addresses of each of the , as well as its load;
      (6)   The full name, address and date of birth of each operator of the , including the operator’s driver’s license number;
      (7)   Proof of adequate liability insurance, or a bond affording substantially the same coverage with respect to injury to persons or damage to property, as is required for proof of financial responsibility under M.S. Chapter 65B, as it may be amended from time to time; and
      (8)   Such other information as the City Council or shall require.
   (c)   The fees for shall be as set forth in § 14.03 of this city code.
   (d)   The City Engineer or designee is authorized to issue or withhold an at his or her discretion; or if the permit is issued, to limit or prescribe conditions of operation of the , when necessary to assure against undue damage to the road foundations, surfaces or structures, and may require additional safety provisions or other security as may be deemed necessary to compensate for any injury to any roadway or road structure.
   (e)   The operator or of the must maintain proper insurance or security listed as on the written application in the amount deemed adequate by the , including any additional security required as a condition of the permit’s issuance.
   (f)   Every must be carried in the to which it applies and must be presented for inspection upon the demand of any police officer or authorized agent of the .
   (g)   Violation of any of the terms or conditions of an , or the provisions of this section shall be punishable as a misdemeanor.
(1958 Code, § 174.06(3))  (Recodified by Ord. 2013-9, passed 4-1-2013)