(a)   Contract. Every for the city must enter into a contract obligating the to obtain and maintain adequate facilities for the towing, impoundment and storage of vehicles requested by the City Police Department and other .
   (b)   Bond. Every to whom a city contract is awarded for towing and storage shall, upon the execution of such contract, file with the City Clerk a bond approved by the City Attorney in such amount as may be determined by the contract. Such bond shall be conditioned that the principal will indemnify any and all persons, firms or corporations, including the city and county or other governmental agencies of this state, for any loss sustained by any unlawful or unauthorized damage to a vehicle which it towed at the request of the city or stored by said towing operator, pursuant to the provisions of this Division B and any contract entered into where the city is a party thereof.
   (c)   Statements. Every under contract with the city pursuant to this Division B shall forward to the Chief of Police a copy of each bill or statement prepared for each of a vehicle towed or stored at the request of the city.
   (d)   Exclusion. Nothing contained in this Division B shall be deemed to prohibit, limit or restrict the use or operation of towing equipment or storage facilities by the city, county or school district.
(1958 Code, § 101.06) (Ord. 244, passed 9-15-1960; Ord. 65-70, passed 9-27-1965; Ord. 65-90, passed 11-1-1965; Ord. 66-37, passed 6-6-1966; Ord. 70-47, passed 11-9-1970; Ord. 2004-33, passed 7-6-2004; Ord. 2007-29, passed 9-10-2007; recodified by Ord. 2013-9, passed 4-1-2013)