(a)   Notice on vehicle. Whenever the appropriate ascertains that an , or is present on real property within the city, the shall cause notice to be placed upon the , or or posted in a conspicuous place near the vehicle if unable to place upon the , or , using substantially the following words: “Notice to the and all persons interested in the attached and to the or person(s) in lawful possession or control of his or her land: This vehicle (setting forth a brief description), located at (setting forth a brief description of the location including street address), is improperly stored, and its present storage is in violation of § 8.16 of the city code unless such vehicle is removed and stored within a building pursuant to § 8.16. Failure to remove and properly store this vehicle is a misdemeanor that is additionally subject to civil administrative penalties pursuant to § 1.13 of this city code. In addition, this vehicle will be removed and disposed of by the city or its designated contractor in accordance with the provisions of Division B, Article III of Chapter 8 of the city code within seven days from the date of this notice.”
   (b)   Size of notice on vehicle. The notice as set forth in subsection (a) above shall not be less than eight inches by ten inches and shall be sufficiently weatherproof to withstand normal exposure to the elements.
   (c)   Notice mailed to vehicle and property . In addition to the notice placed on or near the vehicle, the city shall, within two working days of the notice placed on or near the vehicle, give notice by regular mail to the and the of the real property upon which the vehicle is located.
(1958 Code, § 106.08) (Ord. 67-61, passed 12-4-1967; deleted by Ord. 2008-17, passed 5-19-2008; recodified by Ord. 2013-9, passed 4-1-2013)