Article I: General Provisions
   9.01   Findings
   9.02   Purpose
   9.03   Authority
   9.04   Definitions
   9.05   Reserved
   9.06   Opportunity housing requirement
Article II: Developer Options
   9.07   On-site
   9.08   Off-site
   9.09   Payment in lieu of affordable units
   9.10   Dedication of land in lieu of construction of opportunity housing units
   9.11   Purchase and rehabilitation of naturally occurring affordable housing (NOAH)
   9.12   Acquisition, conversion, and rehabilitation of existing market rate units
   9.13   Collaboration with an affordable housing developer
   9.14   Combination of methods to provide opportunity housing
Article III: Affordable Housing Tools and Incentives
   9.15   Affordable housing tools and incentives
   9.16.01   Density bonus
   9.16.02   Site area reduction
   9.16.03   Site width reduction
   9.16.04   Impervious surface area increase
   9.16.05   Open space reduction
   9.17   Floor area ratio bonus
   9.18   Height bonus
   9.19   Parking reduction
   9.20   Enclosed parking space conversion allowance
   9.21   Minimum unit size reduction
   9.22   Alternative exterior materials allowance
   9.23   Storage space reduction
   9.24   Landscape fee in-lieu reduction
   9.25   Development fee reimbursement
   9.26   Development fee deferment
   9.27   Expedited review of plans
   9.28   Land write-down for affordable housing on city-owned land
   9.29   Affordable housing trust fund
   9.30   Housing tax increment financing (TIF)
   9.31   Project based housing vouchers (PBV)
Article IV: Affordable Housing Plan
   9.32   Affordable housing plan requirements
   9.33   Rental price levels for affordable units and economic stability
   9.34   Eligibility for affordable units
Article V: Affordable Housing Agreement
   9.35   Affordable housing agreement
Article VI: Dispersion, Integration, Design, Phasing, and Construction of Opportunity Housing Units Objectives
   9.36   Objectives
Article VII: Monitoring and Compliance
   9.37   Compliance of affordable housing agreement and affordability controls
Article VIII: Affordable Housing Trust Fund
   9.38   Establishment of trust fund
   9.39   Applicable housing trust fund eligible activities
   9.40   Financial oversight of the affordable housing trust fund
Article IX: Implementation Evaluation and Enforcement
   9.41   Reserved
   9.42   Implementation and evaluation
   9.43   Severability
   9.44   Penalty
Article X: Reserved
Article XI: Affordable Housing Tenant Protection
   9.45   Affordable housing building sale