General Provisions
   50.001   Title
   50.002   Definitions
   50.003   Operation, maintenance and control
   50.004   Contract between township and county
Use of Public Sewers Required
   50.015   Mandatory connection requirement
   50.016   Connection procedures
   50.017   Enforcement of mandatory connect/on requirements
Private Sewage Disposal
   50.030   Deposit of objectionable wastes
   50.031   Discharge of polluted water
   50.032   Construction of private systems
   50.033   Where sewer not available
   50.034   When sewer becomes available
   50.035   Maintenance of systems
   50.036   Abandoned systems
Building Sewers and Connection
   50.050   Building sewer regulations
   50.051   Connection regulations
Use of the Public Sewer
   50.065   Storm, ground, unpolluted water and industrial cooling water
   50.066   Prohibited discharges
   50.067   Grease, oil and sand interceptors (traps)
   50.068   Right of review by township
   50.069   Review of high strength discharges
   50.070   Right to exclude or require pretreatment
   50.071   Right to contract available excess capacity
   50.072   Right of entry
   50.073   Industrial waste monitoring
Conditions of Service
   50.085   Connections at time of original construction
   50.086   Connections subsequent to original construction
   50.087   Liability for interruptions of service
   50.088   Inspection
System Charges and Rates
   50.100   Charges
   50.101   Table of unit factors
   50.102   Rules for interpreting table of unit factors
   50.103   Revision or modification of equivalent units
   50.104   Review of the industrial user with meters
   50.105   Meter charge
   50.106   Connection fees
   50.107   Capacity charge
   50.108   Surcharge
   50.109   Industrial sampling charges
   50.110   Contractual rates
   50.111   Establishing rates and charges
   50.112   Deferring charges
   50.113   Special assessments
   50.114   Enforcement of charges
   50.115   Benefit charges
Fiscal Year, Records and Funds
   50.130   Fiscal year
   50.131   Records and accounts
   50.132   Establishment of funds
Miscellaneous Provisions
   50.145   Protection from damage
   50.146   Connection of privately constructed sanitary sewer systems to the system
   50.147   Administration
   50.148   Power and authority of inspectors
   50.149   Repealer clause
   50.999   Penalty