2000 Meeting Minutes
JANUARY 11, 2000
The regular meeting of the Williamstown Township Board of Trustees was called to order at 7:44 PM. Clerk Graham was asked to record who was present and recorded the following: Supervisor Obst, Clerk Graham, Treasurer Nilsson, Trustee Wiegandt, Trustee Zaban, and Building Inspector Aven.
The agenda was read over with the following additions: Census information advertisements; budget through November of 1999; and the newsletter deadline.
The Planning Commission is working on the update of the Master Plan. They are having five guest speakers at their  meeting on January 25th. They invited the Board to attend this meeting. Have also invited the surrounding Townships’ and City of Williamston’s Planning Commissions and the Advisory Council. Have mapped all the active agricultural land in the Township. Mapped new housing in the last nine years. Mapping the wooded lands. It appears that the Township has been following the current Master Plan quite well. The majority of development over the past nine years has been south of Sherwood Road.
Mr. Litchfield - Planning Coordinator Martin has worked with Mr. Litchfield on getting his performance bond guarantees in place. Building Inspector Aven will be working on it. Should wrap it up by the end of the week.
Mr. Forsberg requested the information we had about the round abouts.  Has not submitted any new plans.
No meeting in December. Council has been asked to attend the Planning Commission meeting on the 25th.
Park and Recreation Committee - Chris Nilsson
Regional idea has resurfaced as an issue that they are investigating. The exploratory committee is back on track and has received support from surrounding Townships. Tom Trepky will be attending these meetings representing the Township.  Starting work next Tuesday with the engineering firm for the entrance.  Firmed up plans for the Sunday February 6th Park Awareness - hot chocolate and bon fire. Betty Challis will host nature walks in May. The Park Committee is investigating designating a portion of the park as an off leash area for dogs to run. The proposed Park Ordinance has been turned over to the Planning Commission to work on. The committee’s recommendation was modeled after Meridian Township's Park Ordinance.
Transportation Committee
A reply from Tony Kratofil of MDOT was received.  They will continue to investigate the feasibility of having a modern round about at the intersection of Grand River and Zimmer and will meet with the township to answer any and all questions. They are still willing to consider a signaled intersection if the Township decides that a modern round about will not work satisfactorily at this intersection.
Mr. Dwight Kampe volunteered that the City Council elected Mr. Kenneth Zichi as mayor and Ms. Dawn Horstman as mayor pro tem. Jim Gilhouse asked to be an alternate on the fire board rather than the #1 member. Dawn Horstman named to NIESA as the City’s representative.
Township Hall Rental - Shirley Graham
Received no response over the holidays.  Trustee Wiegandt stated that the hall belongs to the people, and he cannot see telling people they need to amend their insurance in order to rent the hall. It is unnecessary and cumbersome. If the Township needs to raise the rates to cover more insurance on the Township's part, then that is the way to go. Need to compare what other Township hall's are doing. Generally agreed to not pursue requiring renters to carry additional insurance.
Helfmann violation - Letter of 12/6/1999. Have heard nothing back since then. Mr. Helfmann sent one of his employees into the Township office to get a copy of Mr. Litchfield's drainage plans per prior permit.
423 E Grand River Status Report - Constable Dahlstrom
If Constable Dahlstrom knows of three other locations in violation, then he needs to investigate these as well. Need to follow up with the property owner since it is the renter that is causing the nuisance.
Building Inspector - Barrier Free on the City Building. Appeared January 4th, waiting for a decision.
Ingham Intermediate Summer Tax - no action required
Citizen Concern - Barry Road Shoulder
County Road Commission needs to look at it. Gas line went in off the road and not on the other side of the ditch.
John R. Hoskins drain cleaning funding -
Will forward to the Drain Commission.
Ingham County Road Commission letters of 12/17 and 12/28, 1999.
Will put the Township's schedule for brush cutting and road clearing policy in the February Newsletter.
Complaint - 510 E Grand River - taken care of.
Letter from 127 Bismark Street - would like to be detached into the Township. This property is surrounded by Township property on three sides.
Census - company working with Lansing and East Lansing. Will send out a postcard in mid February to promote people responding to the census.  The Township Board decided to put something in the February newsletter instead.
Freedom of Information Act Request - Board does not want, and does not believe it is legally obligated, to create the disks for this request, the information is available in the office.
Budget -
Need a budget meeting by next board meeting. Set for January 29th, at 8:30 a.m.
Attorney Spagnuolo arrived at 9:10 PM.
Newsletter deadline is January 17, 2000.
The following amendments were made to the minutes of Dec. 7, 1999 in regards to the Hideaway Woods motion: future 425 or any other agreement with the City of Williamston to provide Sewer.  Motion assumes that the progress for the development will go forward in a timely manner. Planning Coordinator Martin stated that this would be one to two years for a standard development.
Moved by Treasurer Nilsson, supported by Clerk Graham to approve the minutes of the December 7, 1999 Regular Board Meeting as amended above; acknowledge the Treasurer’s report of financial activities for December, 1999; approve the Clerk’s list of accounts to be paid January 11, 2000, check numbers 9971-10036 for a total of $47,558.86; and to accept and place on file the following reports: NIESA minutes of December 6, 1999; building department activities for December, 1999; and the Assessor’s report and updates of December 17, 1999 and January 5, 2000. Supervisor Obst called for a roll call vote:
   Ayes: Trustee Zaban, Treasurer Nilsson, Trustee Wiegandt, Supervisor Obst,  Clerk Graham
   Nays:   None
Motion passed unanimously.
Closed Session
Clerk Graham moved and Treasurer Nilsson supported to go into closed session to consider the written legal opinion of Counsel. Planning Coordinator, Mickey Martin, was asked to stay for the closed session. Supervisor Obst called for a roll call vote:
   Ayes: Supervisor Obst, Treasurer Nilsson, Trustee Wiegandt, Trustee Zaban, Clerk Graham
   Nays: None.
Meeting adjourned to closed session at 9:30 PM.
Trustee Zaban moved and Clerk Graham supported adjourning the closed session and reopening the regular meeting at 10:25 PM.
Discussion Group
Supervisor Norman Obst, Treasurer Christine Nilsson and Planning Coordinator Mickey Martin have been chosen as representatives of the Township Government to work with the City of Williamston on all outstanding issues. The remaining Board members will rotate as alternates should one of the regular Board representatives not be able to attend.
Trustee Zaban moved and Trustee Wiegandt supported to adjourn. Meeting adjourned at 10:26 PM.
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Shirley Graham, Township Clerk      Susan Jennings, Board Recording Secretary