2010 Meeting Minutes
January 12, 2010
January 12, 2010
The Williamstown Township Board of Trustees convened at 7:00 p.m. at the Williamstown Township Hall located at 4990 Zimmer Road, Williamston, Michigan.  Supervisor Martin called the meeting to order and reviewed the meeting agenda. 
Present: Trustee Bob Hayes, Trustee Martin Wright, Trustee Frans Wilbrink, Treasurer Janet Eyster, Trustee Rick Williams, Clerk Ernie Gaffner and Supervisor Mickey Martin
Absent: None
Supervisor Martin called for public comment at 7:05 p.m.
Supervisor Martin closed public comment at 7:05 p.m.
INGHAM COUNTY SHERIFF report Sgt. Steve Sopocy—Sergeant Sopocy shared a December 2009 Activity Report for ————Williamstown— ——Township——.  Some information included the number of complaints, traffic accidents, traffic citations and number of patrol hours in the Township.  Sergeant Sopocy commended the township for calling in suspicious activity.  Safety tip to drive carefully as road conditions can change very quickly.
Supervisor Martin will forward Sergeant Sopocy a copy of the Township Board meeting calendar for 2010.
Consent Agenda—Supervisor Martin read through the items on the Consent Agenda consisting of:
            Minutes of November 10 and November 17, 2009 and December 1, 2009
Reports         Treasurer’s Report, December 2009
         Building Inspector, December 2009
         Accounts Payable – Paid
         Payroll – Paid
         Accounts Payable – Approval
It was recommended the minutes of November 17, 2009 and December 1, 2009 be pulled.
MOTION by Trustee Hayes to approve the consent agenda consisting of:
Minutes of November 10, 2009
The Treasurer’s Report for December 2009
Building Inspectors Report
Accounts Payable Checks Paid 18301 –18335 for a total of $18,853.20 
Payroll Paid Checks 40840–40855 and 40864-40882 with voided checks 40856-40863 for a total of $17,544.42
Accounts Payable Checks for Approval 18336–18354 for a total of $20,500.40   
Revenue and Expenditure Report ending 12/31/09
SECONDED by Clerk Gaffner   
Discussion:  November 10, 2009 minutes – amend page 2--Section 1, 1.6 (b) Property Tax Receipts – Treasurer Eyster shared a paragraph has been added:  “the Township has arranged with Independent Bank (Williamston Branch only – corner of Grand River and Zimmer Road) to accept tax payments.” December 17, 2009 minutes – amend page 3, should read Treasurer Eyster, not Supervisor Eyster.
MOTION by Trustee Wilbrink to approve minutes of November 17, 2009 and December 1, 2009, as amended.
SECONDED by Trustee Hayes
Minutes 12/15/09- Planning Commission representative, Michael Fielek, commented on recent commission business as outlined in the submitted minutes of December 15, 2009. 
Competition MSU—Ms. Bloomquist shared an outline of an estimate of cost for the Grand River Green Zone Competition.  This project was written as part of the Energy Grant and Treasurer Eyster feels this is a great way to showcase what is happening in the township.
MOTION by Treasurer Eyster that the Williamstown Township Board approve entering the Grand River Green Zone Competition at a cost not to exceed $2,400 of Township funds.
SECONDED by Trustee Williams
Note:  TRI COUNTY PLANNING—The first phase of the Greening Mid Michigan project is the Potential Conservation Area (PCA) report, completed in 2008 by the Michigan Natural Features Inventory. Phase II of this project has just been completed. The newest report, “Significant Natural Features in the Tri-County Region: Providing Ecological Information for a Green Infrastructure Plan,”  is intended to serve as a resource for community planning and water resource protection. This report describes natural communities, rare plant and animal diversity, and includes an Aquatic Biodiversity Assessment for the tri-county region. Supervisor Martin encourages board members to attend a Charette, Thursday, February 15 to hear the overall vision on what is going on with the Green Infrastructure Plan.
SUP 4180 Beeman—Supervisor Martin shared a special use permit  for an accessory apartment subject to a 32 ft. variance, 800 maximum sq. ft., and occupancy limit of three (3).  Information from the Planning Commission is that the residence is in compliance and a motion to approve the special use permit is in order.  Treasurer Eyster would like “Owner Occupied” added to the language of the motion. 
MOTION by Trustee Wright that the Williamstown Township Board approve the special use permit for an accessory apartment at 4180 Beeman Road as recommended by the Planning Commission with a maximum of three occupants, so long as the primary dwelling is owner occupied.
SECONDED by Trustee Wilbrink
Zoning Amendments Article 1 & 2—Supervisor Martin shared Article 1 & 2 have been revised to reflect the comments made at the November 2009 meeting.  In order to make these amendments part of our zoning ordinance a motion will need to be made.
MOTION by Trustee Wright that the Williamstown Township Board approve the amendments to the Township Zoning Ordinance Articles 1 & 2.
SECONDED by Trustee Hayes
Note:  Clerk Gaffner will publish the amendments to Articles 1 & 2 in the newspaper.
Budget 2010-11—Supervisor Martin reviewed each line item in the budget.  Supervisor Martin explained the unemployment rate has increased from 6.4% to 7.1% so this line item will need to be increased.  The Senior Center will receive funding approval for one year only.  The Striping Contract runs every other year through 2015.  The Township Board will relook at the funding for Roads in February after the Road Commission has addressed their funding decisions.  Additional funding considerations should include:  Roads, Police Protection and Senior Center.
MOTION by Trustee Wright that the Williamstown Township Board hold a Public Hearing on the proposed 2010-2011 Township Budget, to be held on February 9th at 6:30 p.m. with the regular board meeting to follow.
SECONDED by Treasurer Eyster
4494 Beeman Road—Wanda Bloomquist shared she and Supervisor Martin have been working with DeNike’s to come up with a timeline for the clean up of  4494 Beeman Road.  Mr. DeNike provided a copy of a 6-month timeline. The Ingham County Health Department has been notified and the DeNike’s are still waiting for permits to be issued.  The Township cannot issue repair and reroof permits until the Health Department permits are in place. 
MOTION by Treasurer Eyster that the Williamstown Township Board approve the time lines submitted by Rochelle DeNike for bringing the 4494 Beeman Road property into compliance with Williamstown Township ordinance.
SECONDED by Trustee Williams
Poverty Exemption Guidelines—Supervisor Martin shared every year the Township must adopt a “Poverty Guidelines Resolution.”  It is recommended that the Township adopt the Federal Poverty Guidelines for 2010 with an increase of 50% in all sections and to limit assets to one licensed vehicle for each resident, with a maximum of two, and to one principle residence with asset value determined by the following method: true cash value as stated in an approved assessment role $250,000 for up to 100 % exemption with a decrease of 20% for every increase of $50,000 in value. 
MOTION by Trustee Hayes for the Williamstown Township Board to approve Resolution #89, adopting the 2010 guidelines for poverty exemption, pertaining to property taxes.
SECONDED by Trustee Wright
Building Inspector—Supervisor Martin shared Building InspectorBob Delaney resigned due to health reasons.  Tim O’Neal has been acting as Williamstown Township’s interim Building Inspector.  Supervisor Martin along with Wanda Bloomquist and others have interviewed Bob Kehoe.  Supervisor Martin feels Mr. Kehoe’s qualifications meet the townships needs and she will recommend to the board to approve hiring of Mr. Kehoe for a three month trial.  Mr. Kehoe is aware of the township’s fee schedule and he has ideas for helping save money and streamlining.  The Township Board agreed to allow Supervisor Martin to move forward with this recommendation.
Port-a-John—Supervisor Martin shared the Port-a-John at Williamstown Township Park wasburned  to the ground along with the 4 x 4’s used to support it’s foundation.  This loss is not covered by insurance there is a $500 deductible and the replacement cost is $550.  The board will not make a decision on this matter tonight.  The township will look into the vendor’s insurance policy, Parks and Recreation will consider some alternative solutions and the Township board will report back on this item at the next Township Board Meeting. 
Meals-On-Wheels Program—Supervisor Martin shared Tri-County Office on Aging is asking Williamstown Township to designate $470 for the Tri-County Aging Consortium Meals on Wheels Program (MOW).  The requested amount is based on the prorated share of the total meals during October 1, 2008 to July 1, 2009.  During that period 1,157 meals were served within Williamstown Township to 8 older adults. Trustee Wright shared the township has budgeted $700 for this type of activity.
MOTION by Trustee Wright that the Williamstown Township Board approve $470 to be paid out of the upcoming 2011 budget to the Tri-County Aging Consortium Meals-On-Wheels program, per their request.
SECONDED by Trustee Hayes
Departments & Committees
Tri-County Meeting—Urban Service Boundary Sustainable Communities—“How do you stop urban sprawl—keep cities rebuilding and intact?”  Supervisor Martin shared this is a very active committee:  (0) Ingham, (2) Eaton, (3) Clinton, County commissioners are participating.  Supervisor Martin would like to see more Ingham Commissioners become involved in this endeavor.
Spring Art Tour—Supervisor Martin shared plans are coming along with 14 artists.  Five scheduled to display their items at the Township Hall, two at ————Branch— ——School—— and others opening up studios in their residence.  Post cards are being designed to showcase ————Williamstown— ——Township—— as a “————Great Place—— to Live” in order to attract new residents to the township.  This event is scheduled to take place May 7 and 8.
Historical Committee-- Supervisor Martin shared Branch School’s remodeling project is still underway, but will be ready for the Spring Tour.   
Neighborhood watch—Supervisor Martin shared there has been no progression.
Police Protection--Supervisor Martin shared there will be a meeting on Thursday, January 14, 2010.
Law suits—Supervisor Martin shared the Township Attorney is working on an insurance issue and 3 residential issues. 
MTA Conference – Supervisor Martin shared Treasurer Eyster, Wanda Bloomquist and herself will be attending the MTA Conference.
Road Project—TreasurerEyster will be moving forward with this endeavor.
Public Comment for Agenda & Non-Agenda Items
Supervisor Martin called for public comment at 9:26 p.m.
Helen LeBlanc, 4720 Jadestone—shared a comment about the Board Packet.  The general public only receives a copy of the Consent Agenda.  Ms. LeBlanc feels a whole packet of information should be available to the general public.
Supervisor Martin closed public comment at 9:27 p.m.
Supervisor Martin provided the board with a review of tonight’s meeting.
Publish Zoning, Publish Public Hearing Notice, Resolution, Port-a John follow up by Ernie, Meals on Wheels-Mickey will follow up.
MOTION by Trustee Hayes to adjourn 9:30 p.m.
   MEETING ADJOURNED by Supervisor Martin at 9:30 p.m.
Ernie Gaffner, Township Clerk