2013 Meeting Minutes
January 8, 2013
Williamstown Township
Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes
January 8, 2013
Call to Order
The Williamstown Township Board of Trustees convened at 7:00 pm. at the Williamstown Township Hall located at 4990 Zimmer Rd., Williamston, Michigan.  Supervisor Mickey Martin called the meeting to order, reviewed the agenda and led the Pledge of Allegiance.
Roll Call
Present: Trustee Williams, Trustee Imhoff, Clerk Gaffner, Treasurer Fielek, Supervisor Martin and Trustee Hayes
Absent:  Trustee Eyster
Public Comment
Jessica Hudson  3920 N. Williamston Rd.  Williamston, MI  48895:  Regarding farm animals in the R-1 District.  Asked the Board to have the Planning Commission review and consider similar amendments to the Zoning Ordinance as was adopted by the City of Williamston and is being considered by Ingham County.
Police Report
The written report was presented to the Board.  Clerk Gaffner, in discussion with Chief Hall, suggested that it was unnecessary for the Chief or his representative be present at the meeting for a report unless there was additional information to present to the Board.  The Board was in agreement that a representative was not necessary, however would like a representative present on at least a quarterly basis to present an update and allow for questions.  Chief Hall is also available to Board members to answer questions at any time.
Consent Agenda
Trustee Williams moved the consent agenda consisting of:
Approve the Minutes of 12/11/2012 Township board meeting
Treasurer’s Report, December 2012
Building inspectors report – December 2012
General Fund Accounts Payable paid, check 19977-19996 for a total of $7,267.99
Payroll Checks paid 42148 through 42173 and EFT 155-158 for a total of $18,767.04
General Account Payable checks to approve 19997 through 20015 for a total of $3,894.69
Police Account Payable Paid checks 1040-1041for a total of $45,095.25
Revenue and expenditure report 12/31/2012 
Pending Litigation
Seconded by Trustee Imhoff
Discussion:  none
Motion approved.
Planning Commission
No report from the Planning Commission since there was not a December meeting.
Unfinished Business
Budget 2013-14
Supervisor Martin noted the budget comments and changes from Trustee Eyster reflects the move of the life insurance as a line item to the trustees as this is a benefit of elected officials.
Contingency set at 40,000.
Police assessment was reduced to reflect the last roll approved.
Communication Commission was moved to wages from consulting fees.
Added $62,215 for infrastructure and $62,215 for road improvement.
·   The budget reflects spending more than taking in. Additional funds spent reflects the road policy and funding for infrastructure which will be taken from the fund balance. There is also a fund balance for the police services that is not reflected in the budget.
·   Still have $120,000 from the county that is not shown.
·   Would like to call for a public hearing for March on the proposed budget at the next meeting.
·   Spread sheet will show the fund balances, cannot do in this software to make it part of the budget report.
Road Policy
Supervisor Martin reviewed the Policy for prioritizing road resurfacing and construction.
Clerk Gaffner shared that other municipalities use the PASER system, or something similar for prioritizing road repair.    If not used, then road prioritizing can become a political issue.
Clerk Gaffner moved the Williamstown Township Board Approve Board Policy #11 , establishing a prioritization format for Township road resurfacing and construction, using the Pavement Surface Rating (PASER) system.
Trustee Hayes support.
·   Desire to see Germany Rd. replaced with Barry Rd.  as priority due to the amount of usage  as outlined in the Master Plan.  The PASER scale does not reflect usage.
·   The Road Committee is going to look at all roads in the Township every year. 
·   With a limited amount of funds, this sets a priority for the Board to consider.
·   PASER  is completed every three years.
·   Was the 2011 survey regarding existing condition of Township roads taken into consideration? Survey of potholes was given to ICRC for road maintenance.
·   PASER system will dictate which roads should take a priority for maintenance.
·   Priority can change.
Motion approved
New Business
Poverty Guidelines
Supervisor Martin explained that the guidelines must be set each year by the Board. 
Trustee Williams moved the Williamstown Township Board approve the 2013 amendments to the Township Poverty Guidelines Resolution #97.
Supported by Treasurer Fielek
·   The enclosed materials show the federal poverty guidelines.    The committee asked the Board if they felt the Board of Review should consider refund for credits, etc. be included as income.  Credits can be used for refunds on individual returns. 
·   Discussion:
·   Income tax returns are required as part of the application.
·   Board of Review can ask for any information they deem important.
·   Four applications were received this past December
·   Should loans received be considered?
·   Income on IRS 1040 to be deemed income.
·   Board of Review wanted input from Board on considering state & federal earned income credits, property credits and education credits.  Board concurs they should be considered.
·   Board of Review has discretion between 0 and 100%.
·   The Township guidelines are higher than federal guidelines
Yes: Trustee Imhoff, Treasurer Fielek, Supervisor Martin, Clerk Gaffner, Trustee Hayes, Trustee Williams
No:  none
Motion Approved.
Committee List
Supervisor Martin presented the Committee appointments to the Board.
·   Trustee Imhoff asked that a past member of the Planning Commission remain on the Commission due to the amount of change in the membership and a representative of the farming community be appointed.
·   Did not place a representative on the Communications Commission as this is now regulated by the state and a Communications Commission may not be needed.
Departments and Committees
·   Supervisor Martin reported the Ingham County Road Commission would like to meet with the Board to present the plans for Zimmer Rd.  Would like a couple of options from the Board members to meet before the commission sets a public open house for discussion with residents.  Public hearings have already been held. First choice of Wednesday the 16th at 3:00. Alternate: Tuesday after 2:00  Supervisor will send confirmation out to Board members. At this time, a time line has not been set for work to begin.
·   4494 Beeman Rd.: Repairs have not been completed.  Have not received a response to the letters sent.  The building inspector will be sent out to check on progress. Owner will have to reapply for a building permit to complete the work as the current permit has expired.  Once work is complete an Occupancy Permit will be granted. 
·   Art tour meeting set for Wednesday, January 9, 2013.
·   583 Haslett Rd:  Clerk does not have an update.  Some improvement has been made on the outside.  Have not had a response to letter sent. Blight Ordinance can be used to enforce cleanup of property .  This is difficult during the winter months. 
·   Recycle is Saturday, January 12th, 2013.
Discussion regarding  Ms. Hudson’s situation with the farm animals on her property: 
·   Can be placed on the agenda by the board for the next meeting. 
·   This would be a use variance and the Township cannot grant a use variance.
·   Could ask for rezoning. 
·   There is an application for a zoning amendment for the zoning ordinance. Any proposed amendment would affect all  R-1 properties. 
·   Cannot be considered on a case by case situation as this would be considered a use variance. 
·   This property is near the city, just south of Mitchell Rd.  adjacent to the school property.
·   Zoning ordinance is clear.  Help find a solution.
·   Others in 4H have worked with the farming community for raising animals on appropriately zoned properties. 
·   This is more than just a 4-H issue. 
·   4-H is a valuable learning experience but need to be aware of the neighbors and zoning ordinance. 
Public Comment for agenda & non-agenda items
Public Comment closed at 8:02
Supervisor- Poverty guidelines
Clerk- Speak with Chief Hall regarding quarterly review.
Clerk- Road Policy
Supervisor- ICRC
Treasurer Fielek moved to adjourn at 8:05.
Ernie Gaffner, Clerk