2006 Meeting Minutes
January 3, 2006
The Williamstown Board of Trustees convened at 7:30 PM at the Williamstown Township Hall located at 4990 Zimmer Road, Williamston, Michigan.  Supervisor Mickey Martin called the meeting to order and reviewed the agenda. 
Present:  Trustee Wilbrink, Treasurer LeBlanc, Trustee Wright, Supervisor Martin, Clerk Davis
Absent:  None
   Minutes of 12/06/05 Meeting
   Minutes of 12/09/05 Meeting
   Minutes of 12/20/05 Meeting
LeBlanc stated that he was unable to attend the December 9, 2005 meeting because of the snow, and added that he would comment later on the issue of poverty exemption applications.
   Treasurer Report
Supervisor Martin asked LeBlanc if there was a breakdown of the deposits/interest for the Bank One deposit of $66,758.64 and LeBlanc replied that there was, but he did not have that information at the meeting.  Trustee Wilbrink requested that it be broken down on future reports and LeBlanc replied that it would take more of his time.  LeBlanc went on to further explain the format of the Treasurer’s Report submitted to the Board.
   Building Inspector Report
No Comment
   Accounts Payable
Clerk Davis reported that the Board would be approving checks 14780 through 14861 from the General Fund for a total of $78,724.08 and checks 5202 through 5220 from the Cemetery Fund for a total of $7,035.79.  Davis explained that while processing payroll tax payments for the third and fourth quarter of 2005, it was discovered these taxes were not paid in previous quarters.  Working with Abraham & Gaffney, the IRS and the Michigan Unemployment Agency, the reconciliation of the Township’s federal payroll and Michigan unemployment taxes took place.  Clerk Davis stated that work continues with the parties involved, but interest and penalties had accrued and these bills had to be paid.  Abatements have been requested, and possible future refunds would be in order if successful.  Clerk Davis indicated that the problems were traced back to 2003.
Motion by Trustee Wright to approve the consent agenda as submitted.
Supported by Trustee Wilbrink.
Carried unanimously.
Susan Stuwe (E. Sherwood Rd.):  Commented on the need for an annual meeting and inquired about training costs.  Clerk Davis responded that training costs referenced were to gain an understanding of the accounts used by the Township.
Al LeBlanc (Jadestone Drive):  Distributed a written communication regarding poverty exemption applications and expounded upon its contents, stating that the Supervisor is empowered by law to process these issues and that the Treasury Department is withdrawing all involvement except for granting deferment of summer taxes to eligible applicants and the posting of Board of Review changes to the tax roll.
Norma Johnston (Barry Rd.):  Commented that after paying her property taxes she noticed that she was taxed for the Lansing Community College millage, and had never been charged this tax in the past because she lives in the Perry School District.  She stated that she conferred with neighbors and they were unaware of this charge and that she had not paid this LCC millage in 20 years.  She would like to know why she was taxed, and if there is an error, how is this corrected.  Treasurer LeBlanc stated that she was assuming that an error was made and that he would double-check that information to determine if an error occurred, and if so a refund would be in order.  Supervisor Martin clarified that the lady lives in the Perry School District and that she has never voted regarding LCC issues.
George Durak (Feldspar Dr.):  Commented on the Treasurers Report, citing over budget items. He requested a better, easier to understand, budget format that incorporates a line item explanation and status.  He also stated he was in favor of holding the Annual Township Meeting, as was done in the past.  Supervisor Martin stated that the Township is not required to hold this meeting any longer and that attendance by the public was negligible.
Ruth Templeton:  (Epley Rd.)  Commented on contract labor costs, her previously requested revenue/expenditure report and late fee and auto-pay issues.
Minutes 12/20/05
Site Plan Approval/Special Land Use Permit-1040 E. Grand River (Young Kim Greenhouse)
Bob Hayes, Planning Commission Chair, commented on the plan and stated that the Commission had voted for approval of both issues for this applicant.  The applicant handed out a business plan to the Board to explain their future goals for the location.  Discussion ensued leading to the following motions.
Motion by LeBlanc to approve the Special Land Use Permit as submitted by Kim’s Greenhouse of 1040 E. Grand River.
Supported by Wright.
Carried unanimously.
Motion by Wright to approve the Site Plan by Kim’s Greenhouse of 1040 E. Grand River, with the caveat that the applicant post a surety bond for construction of the sidewalk prior to the Township issuing any building permits.
Supported by LeBlanc.
Carried unanimously.
Discussion ensued regarding the Planning Commission’s Public Hearing on January 17, 2005 regarding changes to the Zoning Ordinance pertaining to the Right To Farm Act.
Pension Plan
Discussion ensued regarding the pension plan with ING, with Clerk Davis stating that she had contacted the company and it is possible to keep the current plan and switch agents, provided that the Township inform the company which agent was preferred. 
Motion by Wilbrink to maintain the current pension plan with ING, with Clerk Davis to select a new agent.
Supported by LeBlanc.
Carried unanimously.
Cemetery Budget Presentation
Conrad Taschner, chairman of the Cemetery Board, explained the equipment needs and quotes for the same, being requested by the Cemetery Board for purchase now.  Discussion ensued.  Motion by Davis to authorize the purchase of a utility vehicle Polaris Utility Vehicle for the purchase price of $11,464.00 from Deer Creek Sales using Cemetery funds, with an allocation of $1000.00 in Township funds to be used toward the purchase.
Supported by Wright.
Yes:  LeBlanc, Wright, Supervisor Martin & Davis
No:  Wilbrink
Motion carried.
Chairman Taschner explained the request for the purchase of a new mower by Simplicity, which will be included in the 2006-07 Cemetery Budget.  Discussion ensued.
Senior Citizens Budget Presentation
Virginia Taschner, in reference to the upcoming budget, explained that there would be a request to fund $7,000.00 of the Director’s salary, due to budget cuts from other resources.  Discussion ensued regarding the programs offered to seniors, fundraising, remaining at the current location and establishing budgetary priorities. 
Budget Amendment-General Fund
Supervisor Martin explained the need to amend the Township Government and Liability portions of the budget, referencing additional costs in audit and legal fees.  Discussion ensued.
Motion by Wright to amend the Township Budget by transferring $3,586.00 from the contingency fund (890-965) to audit fees (101-801) and transferring $11,414.00 from the contingency fund (890-965) to legal fees (101-802).
Supported by Davis.
Carried unanimously.
Discussion ensued regarding other financial issues including comments from Clerk Davis referencing penalties and payments for past errors in payroll taxes and unemployment.  Clerk Davis stated that the auditors have told her the township needs to create a “prior year expense” line item that will facilitate more efficient audit work. 
Motion by Davis to create a “prior year expense” line item in the township budget.  Supported by Wright.
Carried unanimously.
2327 Grand River/MJB Fence Woods Property – Pictures presented; considered resolved.
4350 Red Maple Dr. (Blight) – pictures presented; considered resolved.
Capitol City Rifle Club (hours) – Trustee Wilbrink submitted a communication dealing with this issue, stating that the hours of the Club are 9am-8pm Monday thru Friday & 9am-6pm Saturday and Sunday.  It was also reaffirmed that no automatic gunfire is allowed. – considered resolved.
1298 E. Grand River (Blight) – Constable Dahlstrom stated this has been resolved.
Trustee Wilbrink commented on NIESA issues. 
Trustee Wilbrink commented on Parks issues.
Cable Commission
Treasurer LeBlanc commented on Cable Commission issues.
14 Point Review
Supervisor Martin commented on this State of Michigan review of our operations.
Howard Dahlstrom (Vanneter Rd.):  Announced a Talent Show fundraiser being held in February for the benefit of the Williamston Area Beautification Fund.
Susan Stuwe (Sherwood Rd.): Commented on committee assignments for Board members and thanked the Treasurer for his explanation of cost overruns.
Katie Lo (Sherwood Rd.): Commented on the updating of computers, cooperation between the Clerk and Treasurer regarding financial issues, as suggested by the auditors and the hiring of a Deputy Treasurer.  Clerk Davis said that the Treasurer has pointed out some discrepancies when reconciling the bank accounts, but she felt that they were moving forward.  Treasurer LeBlanc said that due to bank reconciliation timelines, he does let the Clerk know of issues, but not until the day after reconciliation.  He felt that the auditors meant well when they made that recommendation, but that its not feasible and just slows the work of the Clerk and Treasurer.
Supervisor Martin adjourned the meeting at 10:50 pm.
Cindy Davis
Township Clerk