2016 Meeting Minutes
January 13, 2016
Williamstown Township
Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes
January 13, 2016
Call to Order
The Williamstown Township Board of Trustees convened at 6:00 p.m. at the Williamstown Township Hall located at 4990 Zimmer Rd., Williamston, Michigan.  Supervisor Bloomquist called the meeting to order and reviewed the Agenda. Supervisor Bloomquist led the Pledge of Allegiance. 
Roll Call
Present: Trustee Imhoff, Supervisor Bloomquist, Treasurer Fielek, Trustee Hayes, Clerk Mitchell, Trustee Williams
Also present: Chief Hall, Tracy Wallace of Go-Mini
Absent:  Trustee Eyster
Public Comment
Consent Agenda
Trustee Williams moved the consent agenda consisting of:
Approve the Minutes of 12-09-15 and 01-06-16 Township board meeting and Special Meeting
General Fund Accounts Payable paid, checks 21338 through 21350 for a total of $3,426.44
Payroll Checks paid 43393 through 43437and EFT346 through EFT347 for a total of $16,742.52
General Fund Account Payable checks to approve 21351 through 21371 for a total of $70,625.84
Revenue and expenditure report 12/30/2015
Treasurer’s Report, December 2015
Treasurer’s Report, January 2016
Building Inspector’s Report
Seconded by Trustee Hayes
Discussion:  None
Motion approved
Police Report
Chief Hall said he has reviewed the report and it is accurate.  The reported 5 ID thefts is an increase, not unusual in the region.  Four drunk drivers were reported.  An officer saved one person through use of Narcan (for opiate overdoses). This medication may be administered through injection or nasal mist.  Neighborhood leader meetings will be held on January 14 (Watch program).  A speaker will discuss a new program for interviewing child victims of criminal sexual conduct. The annual report for the Township should be available in February.  The Police Department has a goal to increase diversity in hiring.  There was a request to have police presentation to Senior Center on preventing identity fraud. 
Wallace Go Minis, 1099 East Grand River Ave
Tracy Wallace, Applicant, was present.
Treasurer Fielek moved that the Williamstown Township Board approve the Special Use Permit for Go- Mini Storage system.  The approval will help serve a growing need for temporary service at a location that is already providing on site storage.  Approval is subject to the following conditions:
No more than 104 Go-Mini Storage Units will be stored on site in approved designated locations only.
Go-Mini Storage Units will be locked at all times.
Rented Go-Mini Storage Units will not be stored on site. 
Go-Mini Storage Units will not be stacked on top of each other on site.
Landscaping replacement to consist of at least two different types of evergreens and one deciduous tree. At least one third of the trees will be 4-6 feet in height.
Crushed asphalt or limestone to be placed in Go-Mini Storage areas.
Seconded by Trustee Williams
Discussion:  It was proposed by the applicant that tall grasses be planted next to shorter trees pending growth of the trees, retaining compliance with condition #5 in approval conditions above. This was agreed to.
Motion approved.
Poverty Guidelines
Trustee Williams moved that the Williamstown Township Board approve adopting the 2016 amendments to the Township Poverty Guidelines Resolution #97.
Seconded by Trustee Hayes
Discussion:  Guidelines have not changed since 2011.
Roll Call Vote:  Yes – Clerk Mitchell, Trustee Imhoff, Trustee Hayes, Supervisor Bloomquist, Treasurer Fielek< Trustee Williams
No – None
Absent – Trustee Eyster
Tractor Purchase
It was proposed to sell the current tractor after doing repairs. The Tractor has been in service since 2001.  Funds for purchase would be charged to three Departments’ capital outlay.  Contingency in Cemetery budget could be utilized with the funds from sale of the tractor placed back in Cemetery. Will be put on next month’s agenda as an action item.
Nationwide-Update of Group Retirement Plan
Trustee Williams moved that the Township Board approve Resolution 107 updating the Williamstown Township Governmental Non-ERISA Retirement Plan.
Seconded by Trustee Imhoff
Discussion:  Required to update per IRS.  Changes only affected dates, etc. There were no policy changes.
Roll Call Vote:  Yes – Trustee Hayes, Treasurer Fielek, Trustee Williams, Trustee Imhoff,Supervisor Bloomquist; Clerk Mitchell
No – None
Absent – Trustee Eyster 
Harns Williamston Compassionate Care
Trustee Hayes moved that the Board approve the Site Plan for Williamston Compassionate Care.
Seconded by Trustee Williams.
Motion approved.
Final revision will be completed next month, February, with a public hearing in MarchSupervisor Bloomquist requested that any suggestions be brought forward and the opportunity to meet with each board member to review the budget.
Departments & Committees
Clerk Mitchell noted that she had appointed Mark Steinberg as Deputy Clerk.  He was sworn in on January 11, 2016.
Trustee Hayes: NEISA.  No report, meeting will be held on January 14.
Supervisor Bloomquist:  DNR meeting about River Trails suggestion making the Red Cedar a river trail, with MDOT site as potential trail head.  Possible grant to do clean-up.  Would like to convene a stakeholder meeting to consider writing a grant application. 
Trustee Williams:  Meeting with Williamston City council, discussion of campaign finance reform.
Trustee Imhoff: Road meeting.  Sherwood Road will be repaired from North Branch to Williamston Rd in 2016. 
Public Comment
Closed Session
The Board went into closed session at 7:44PM to consider a real estate purchase.  Board came out of closed session at 8:01PM.
Trustee Hayes moved to adjourn.
Seconded by Trustee Williams
Motion approved
Meeting adjourned at 805PM. 
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