2002 Meeting Minutes
JANUARY 2, 2002
The regular meeting of the Williamstown Township Board of Trustees was called to order at 7:30 p.m.  Present were Supervisor Mickey Martin, Clerk Sharon Ellis, Trustee Steve Zaban, Trustee Martin Wright, Treasurer Nancy Fink, Building Inspector Walter Aven and Recording Secretary Lisa Badiee.  Clerk Ellis announced a quorum present.
Supervisor Martin added Board of Review Appointments and Annual Meeting to New Business and Mitchell/Vanneter Roads to Unfinished Business.
Clerk Ellis moved and Trustee Wright supported approving the December 4 minutes with noted changes; approving the list of bills to be paid, payroll report and bills paid; acknowledging the Treasurer’s report of financial activity for December and accepting and placing on file the Building Inspector’s report; passed. 
Frans Wilbrink, 4701 Zimmer Road, again brought to the Board’s attention the possible danger he sees for people sledding on the south hill at the Township Park.  He was advised that signs are planned to be posted in the next few days.  Also, wires supporting trees will be flagged.  Clerk Ellis will contact the Township insurance agent to discuss possible additional liability coverage.
Fire Ordinance Committee
In December the Board asked the Planning Commission to review the fire ordinance and set up a review subcommittee.  Melanie Ford of Woodview subdivision has volunteered and a Pebblebrook representative is being sought.  Rosemary Phillip was appointed one of three Planning Commission members to be on the committee.  Supervisor Martin will contact other Planning Commission members and speak with the City of Williamston about input.  Martin will also ask  residents Don Owens, Gary Nix and Mark Way to serve, if needed.  Trustee Zaban will attend the next NEISA meeting and request an active fire fighter to be on the committee.
Township Logo
The Planning Commission has requested that the Township have a logo.  A request for suggestions will be published in the February newsletter.
Library Board
Jeff Bartrem, Ed Noonan and JoAnn Hegedus addressed the Board regarding the Williamston Library.  Mr. Noonan presented a letter outlining four basic issues of concern:  need, size, location and funding.  The present facility is in critical condition and a temporary facility is being sought.  Several city-owned sites for a new building have been looked at, but none seems suitable.  Mr. Noonan contends that a one-half mill over 20 years spread over Williamstown Township, City of Williamston and Wheatfield Township would be sufficient to fund a new library.  Clerk Ellis asked if there was a back-up plan if millage fails and was told there is none.  Mr. Noonan will ask the Capital Area District Library for help in funding a campaign to raise money.  Supervisor Martin asked Mr. Bartrem to report to the Board on any progress.  He will copy the Township on pertinent e-mail.
Cemetery Commission – Tractor Request
Harold Powell, Cemetery Commission member, presented to the Board a request for a new tractor with backhoe and front-end loader for use in digging graves.  Presently, the 40 to 50 graves per year are dug by hand by the sexton and his assistant.  The total tractor price is $17,581.98.  Mr. Powell asked that the township pay $11,721.32 and the City pay $5,860.66.  He will attend the City Council meeting on January 14 to request that portion.  If the City commits to its one-third payment, the Board agreed to consider the purchase for inclusion in the upcoming budget. 
Burkley Road School House
Township resident Larry Grabarczyk would like to donate a 100-year-old schoolhouse to the Township.  The Township would be responsible to move it and clean up the spot where it stands now.  Jeff Bartrem offered to inspect the schoolhouse and report on its condition before the Board makes a decision about accepting the donation.
Written complaints were received regarding the number of cars parked at 4650 Jadestone and abandoned vehicles on a property on Haslett Road just west of Shaftsburg Road.  Supervisor Martin will refer the complaints to Constable Dahlstrom.
Board of Review
Supervisor Martin thanked Harold Powell for his service on the Board of Review and proposed appointing Gerald Eidt, Robert Tetzlaff and Franciscus Wilbrink to the Board of Review.  Trustee Zaban moved and Trustee Wright supported appointment of Eidt, Tetzlaff and Wilbrink to the Board of Review; passed.
Annual Meeting
Board consensus is to continue the practice of not holding an annual meeting.
Employee Policy Manual
Changes to the Employee Policy Manual have been made per suggestions at the December Board meeting.  Clerk Ellis moved and Trustee Wright supported adopting the Employee Policy Manual; passed.
Mitchell/Vanneter Roads
Clerk Ellis moved and Trustee Wright supported Township commitment to spending a maximum amount of $254,800 to reconstruct the Mitchell/Vanneter Roads intersection according to the Ingham County Road Commission worksheet dated 1-9-01 and Bob Peterson’s outline at the Township Board’s workshop 11-29-01, conditioned on Michigan Dept. of Transportation’s approval to designate Mitchell and Vanneter Roads primary, county roads; passed.
Trustee Zaban will attend the next meeting on January 3.
Treasurer Fink questioned a bill from Tom’s Transplants and sent it to Christine Nillson for her review.
Community Park signs will be laminated and posted as well as flags being wired.
Clerk Ellis will contact the insurance agent regarding liability coverage for the sledding hill.
Township logo solicitation request will be published in February’s newsletter.
Payroll report will be kept separate from bills to be paid report in Board packet.
Clerk Ellis moved and Trustee Wright supported adjournment; passed.
Meeting adjourned at 9:50 p.m.
_____________________________         _____________________________
Sharon Alston Ellis, Clerk            Lisa Badiee, Recording Secretary