1999 Meeting Minutes
JANUARY 5, 1999
The regular meeting of the Township Board of Trustees was called to order at 7:35 PM by Supervisor Obst. Clerk Graham was asked to record who was present and it there was a quorum present. Clerk Graham stated a quorum was present and recorded the following: Supervisor Obst, Clerk Graham, Treasurer Nilsson, Trustee Wiegandt, Trustee Zaban, Township Attorney Schultz and Building Inspector Aven.
The agenda was read over with the following additions: Increasing the umbrella on the liability insurance due to the sledding hill in the park being an attractive nuisance; Williamston School District Summer tax collection resolution.
ATTORNEY'S REPORT - Stephen O. Schultz
Insurance Policies Associated With The Former Fire Board - A letter was sent indicating the need to get tail coverage. Concern is that there will be tail coverage for about 22 months, but claims related to the old Fire Board could still be filed after that time, though the likelihood is diminishing. All the municipalities and NIESA have to be concerned about how long this coverage is needed.  Can renew it annually. If NIESA does not renew it then the municipalities need to decide if they need the coverage. Clerk Graham stated that NIESA  is still in the process of obtaining bids for coverage.
Larkin Lot Split Request - Wrote an opinion letter in connection with the Larkin lot split request. Proposed lot split does not comply with the Land Division Act. It violated the letter and spirit of the Act. The property owner’s proposal was a request to have it both ways. They wanted to ignore the divisions for one statute of the Act and include them for others.
Public Hearing On December 7th With The City Of Williamston - There has been some communication with the City subsequent to the public hearing related to the next steps that need to be taken.
City Lawsuit - There is a March 22nd trial date set for our dispute with the City of Williamston over sewer capacity.
Request For Annexation Of 1500 E. Grand River By The City - Attorney Schultz reported on our attempt to work with the City of Williamston on the property at 1500 E. Grand River Rd.
900 Gulick Road - The request for preliminary injunction hearing is set for January 29th at 2:30. Mr. Foote dropped off some drawings with an indication of the landscaping, but not a landscape plan. There is no proposal to settle this case for the Board’s consideration. As of now the hearing is on.  Still missing some things from the Board’s check list of items to be presented from the Footes.  Cannot approve a site plan without a landscape plan. Bob Hayes needs to look at the letter from Ed Everett.
Increased Coverage For The Sledding Hill -  Clerk Graham stated that the Township currently carries one million dollars in liability coverage with an additional two million dollar umbrella. To increase coverage to five million dollars would cost an additional $400 per year.
Site Plan Approval For The Kelcris Corporation - Accessory building to be used for storage. All conditions of the Planning Commission have been met. Building permit has been paid for. all set to go. Clerk Graham moved and Trustee Wiegandt supported to approve the Kelcris Corporation Site Plan as recommended by the Planning Commission. Motion passed unanimously.
Joint Boundary Commission - Treasurer Nilsson had a question on the Planning Commission minutes regarding the possible establishment of a joint boundary commission with the Planning Commissions of the City of Williamston and surrounding Townships. Planning Commission Chair Martin stated that the purpose of such a commission would be to establish boundaries of growth, sewer, etc.  What we do affects them and what they do affects us.  City passed a motion to adopt the idea - resolution PC71998.  Need to hear more about the specifics before such a committee needs to be brought to this Board.
425 Agreement Discussion - Supervisor Obst thanked Kathryn Lo for her comments at the Planning Commission meeting to prompt the Planning Commission to attend the Board meetings. Mrs. Lo stated her concern that plans are made between the Board and City between the meetings and nothing is made public about the discussions. Supervisor Obst stated that the City and the Township attempted to make their views known at the December 7th joint meeting.  Mrs. Lo stated that she believes they are trying to quietly negotiate this thing behind the scenes and people are not informed about it. The March News Letter of 1998 indicated that we are going to make a proposal to the City and nothing has been discussed since then. Plan was a win-win situation that no one could turn down but specifics were not given as to what the plan is. Trustee Wiegandt stated he believed Mrs. Lo was asking why are we even looking at a 425. For more than 15 years the City has been eating away at Township property by annexing.  A 425 Agreement could keep this from continuing. A 425 agreement could keep the taxes of the property in the Township for 50 years. Supervisor Obst stated the Board’s intent to keep the public fully informed.
ADVISORY COUNCIL - no meeting.
Park  & Rec. Committee Meeting - Chris Nilsson
Agreed to put up a sign that said hours are dawn to dusk.  Sign on the sledding hill that says the Hill is not ready for sledding this year. Not seeded yet, will have erosion until it is.  No off road vehicles is also on the sign at the front.  Jeri Mifflin will speak to the committee about fund raising.  Gerry Lou Imhoff suggested that a simple snow fence does wonders to keep people off of a dangerous hill.  Supervisor Obst suggested that we check if posting a sign or putting up a fence would reduce liability.
MSU Students Doing Study On Grand River Corridor - Dwight Kampe
Will meet with MSU on January 14th to see if and who is interested in doing this project.
Building Appeals Board Appointment - Received a letter of interest from Jeff Bartrem. The Board currently has four members. Building Inspector Aven thought that Mr. Bartrem’s appointment could be seen as a conflict because Mr. Bartrem is a building inspector. Supervisor Obst thinks we ought to wait on this and talk to attorney Schultz about it. Treasurer Nilsson suggested since we do not now need another member on this Board, to thank him for his interest and decline his appointment at this time. The Board will retain his letter in the file.
Summer Tax Requests From Williamston School District And Ingham Intermediate.  Ingham wants to collect 100% in the summer if there is a summer collection. Treasurer Nilsson still needs to talk to Williamston Schools.
Board Of Review Appointments - Need to be renewed for 1999/2000. Three member Board of Review. Three existing members willing to serve again. Clerk Graham moved and Trustee Wiegandt supported to approve the Board of Review appointments of Harold C. Powell, Gerald A. Eidt and Lois L. Kill for the two year terms, starting January 1, 1999. Motion approved unanimously.
Horizon Cablevision - Sale of Assets and complaint.  Both issues will be turned over to the Cable Commission.  Senior rate is not available in the Williamston area. Clerk Graham believes Horizon has opened themselves up to a class action law suit by advertising the rate and then declining to offer it.  It is in the current contract that if and when they sell the contract will need to be re-negotiated. There is a meeting set up the 21st with the Cable Commission and representatives from Horizon.
Budget Review - Shirley Graham
Insurance is over budget in one account and nothing is posted in another  - indicates a posting error. The auditor's corrections for the end of the year are on the way.  Treasurer Nilsson stated that the trailer taxes are now current.
Insurance Coverage - Trustee Wiegandt suggested taking out the extended coverage and review it in the future to determine if we have enough as the park begins to build. Clerk Graham moved to increase the umbrella coverage up to five million for a total coverage of six million dollars. Supported by Trustee Wiegandt. Motion passed unanimously.
Pine Ridge Farm Letter - Treasurer Nilsson believes the letter requires a response. Very thought provoking.
Tri County Regional Planning Commission - requests an appointee to a committee that will be studying growth.  The Board is looking for a volunteer to serve on this committee. Will also check with the Planning Commission to see if anyone from there is interested.
Treasurer Nilsson moved and Clerk Graham supported to approve the Consent Agenda as follows: Approve the minutes of the December 1, 1998 Regular Board Meeting with one addition to page 2, paragraph 7 - “Mr. Kampe is to return to the Township Board with a proposed budget for approval in the amount of $500.00.”; Acknowledge the Treasurer’s Report of Financial Activities for December 1998; Approve the Clerk’s List of Accounts to be paid January 5, 1999 - Check #s 9263-9332 for a total of $41,124.21; Accept and place on file the following reports - Williamston Community Fire Board Minutes of November 12, 1998, NIESA Minutes of November 5, 1998, Building Department Activities of December 1998, Assessor’s Report/Updates of December 21, 1998, and the Board of Appeals Minutes of November 23, 1998. Supervisor Obst called for a roll call vote:
   Ayes:   Treasurer Nilsson, Trustee Zaban, Trustee Wiegandt, Clerk Graham, Supervisor Obst
   Nays:   None.
Clerk Graham moved to adjourn, supported by Treasurer Nilsson.
Meeting adjourned at 9:04 PM.
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Shirley Graham, Clerk               Susan Jennings, Recording Secretary