2011 Meeting Minutes
January 4, 2011
Williamstown Township
Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes
Call to Order
The Williamstown Board of Trustees convened at 7:00 p.m. at the Williamstown Township Hall located at 4990 N. Zimmer Rd., Williamston, Michigan.  Supervisor Mickey Martin called the meeting to order reviewed the agenda and explained procedures for public comment.
Trustee Wright moved to place on the agenda the police report just below public comment and add sick leave policy to the end of New Business.  Seconded by Trustee Hayes
Clerk Gaffner moved to place the budget adjustments before the consent agenda.  Seconded by Trustee Hayes.
Motions Approved.
Pledge of Allegiance
Roll Call
Present: Trustee Wilbrink, Trustee Wright, Supervisor Martin, Treasurer Eyster, Clerk Gaffner, Trustee Hayes, Trustee Williams
Public Comment for agenda & non-agenda items
Daryl Brown 6200 Sherwood Rd.  Re:  police protection:  Hours of patrol coverage
   Hourly basis expenditure
Supervisor Martin answered Mr. Brown’s questions.  Referred him to website for contract or are available for review at the Township Hall.
Supervisor Martin Closed Public Comment at 7:07 p.m.
Police Report
Chief Hall gave report:  Hit and Run, couple of deer accident, personal injury at Williamston and Epley, property damage report at Williamston and Haslett Rd.  Thank you to Supervisor for help in getting started and Clerk Gaffner for swearing in officers.  Met with Chief Young of City of Williamston re:  border areas and mutual aid agreement.  Some communities are cautious about mutual aid, Chief Young is fully willing to provide back up for Williamstown Twp.  when a two person call.  Will help everyone involved.  Training will be January 5th regarding entrance to building, etc.  Excited to be of service to the Township.
Residents happy to see the presence of Meridian Township.
Budget Amendment
Supervisor martin explained reason for budget adjustments.
Trustee Wright moved that the board approve the following amendments to the 2010-2011 Township budget:
From 101-265-910.000 (Bldg & Grds Ins.) to 101-101-910.001 (workers comp. ins.)  $3,065
From 101-000-001.000 (General Fund) to 101-830-980.265 (Capital Outlay) $38,000
From 101-890-965.000 (Contingency) to 101-294-729.000 (Newsletter) $2,600
From 101-265-910.000 (Bldg & Grds Ins.) to 101-294-910.000 (Commercial Crime Bond Ins.)  $625
From 101-000-001.000 (General Fund) to 101-441-814.000 (Roads) $16,000
From 101-000.001.000 (General Fund) to 101-751-817.000 (Red Cedar Recreation) $1,560
Seconded by Trustee Hayes
Reasoning for changing of insurance to help show coverage in different areas.
Motion Approved.
Consent Agenda
      Minutes of 11 09, & 12 07 & 21 10 Meeting
      Reports:   Treasurer’s Report
            Building Inspector
            Accounts Payable – Paid
            Payroll – Paid
            Accounts Payable - Approval
            Pending Litigation
Trustee Hayes moved the consent agenda consisting of:
·   Approve the Minutes of 11/09/2010, 12/07/10 and 12/21/2010 - Township board meetings
·   Treasurer’s Report: November and  December  2010
·   Building inspectors report
·   Accounts payable paid, checks 18893 through 18926 with for a total of $49,997.69
·   Payroll Checks paid 41277 through 41302 and EFTs 69 and 70 for a total of $20,143.08.
·   Accounts Payable checks to approve 18927 through 18937 for a total of $42,341.16
·   Revenue and expenditure report ending 1/31/2011
·   Pending Litigation 
   Seconded by Treasurer Eyster
Bills payable should come to board before being paid. 
Concern about 30,000 to Harber Electric.  Approved in EECBG grant.
Fishbeck bill for geothermal.  Also approved in EECBG grant.
Motion Approved
Unfinished Business
Budget 2011-2012
Supervisor Martin reviewed changes:  added police fund
RE:  concern for webmaster fee in budget of $20,000. 
Maybe $10,000 would be sufficient. 
Clerk Gaffner spoke with Meridian Twp about how they handle it.  Will forward as soon as he can regarding what he has found out.  Cost and man hours. 
Important to keep public informed.
Need to have a better job done than present.
Leave at $20,000 until we have the information.
To date $380.00  spent on wages.
Need to train staff to provide information.
Priorities need to change in office per public.
Wait for more info before deciding on budget amount.
PA allocation out of Township Board
Assessing:  from $6000 to $13000.  Due to state requesting 20% being done per year.
New measurements of all buildings, interior review, new pictures, etc.
Will create truer assessments
Capital outlay in Treasurer for new computers
Township Office: $12,000 for repairs and maintenance.  Goes towards copiers, etc.  ongoing programs, equipment, etc.
Planning Commission:  Wages reimbursable.  For site plan review, special land use, etc.  Removal of grant monies showed increase in budget lines.
Zoning administrator:  split between building inspector and police.
Cable commission is same as communication commission
Recreation:  Red Cedar Recreation Association (RCRA)  requesting funds.  Nothing showing in budget.
Park lands:  expense increase:  doing more for fields to keep in condition and prairie burn, benches and other improvements.
Historical committee:  increase to $3500.  $2000 for maintenance and repairs that might be needed.  $1500 to apply for state and federal historical status. All for Branch School.
Senior Center Grant:  budget is over $20,000.
What are other townships contributing?  City of Williamston providing space as in kind support.  Schools providing copy center and bulk mailing.  Leroy has indicated they will support but has not determined amount.  Asking Township for $10,000.    Discussion of amount by proportion would be $6000.  Agreed to $5000.
Energy Grant:  There will be a few things that go into next year but not enough to track as most items will be completed.
Police Service:  mistake made on vacant land reduced total assessment amount by $150.
Cemetery:  Capital outlays at $10,000.  Redoing Cemetery Master Plan so anticipating need for cemetery improvements.
Suggest historical committee work with cemetery committee regarding historic headstones and research. 
Budget Hearing
Trustee Wright moved that the Township Board hold a Public Hearing on the proposed 2011-2012 Budget on February 8, 2011 at 6:30 p.m., to be followed by the regularly scheduled Township board meeting.  The public hearing is to also allow for property owners to express any concerns they may have relative to their property being included or excluded from the voter approved special assessment district for police protection.
Seconded by Trustee Hayes.
.Motion Approved
Police Services Assessment
Supervisor Martin explained amount for budget.
Could be reduced based on contract. 
County money could cause reduction.
10% would reduce it to $270,720, or $135.for residential unit/ $225 for business unit.
Clerk Gaffner moved that the Township Board acknowledges maximum assessment of $154.50 per residential unit and $257.50 for each commercial unit, for police services, as allowed by the special assessment proposal approved by the Township voters on 11/02/2010. 
With the 2011-2012 police budget estimated at $270, 720, the Township approves the collection of $135 per residential unit and $225 for each commercial unit, for police services, as allowed by the special assessment proposal approved by the Township voters on 11/02/2010. This assessment is to be included in the 2011 winter tax statement.
Seconded by Trustee Williams
Setting maximum amount every year and then set the fee.
This keeps a record of what could be assessed.
Will reduce budget by 2.5% due to overlap of protection year and budget year.
3% increase could have negative impact on contract negotiations.
Need to protect Township to have the funds if needed due to changes.
Creates safety net
Card will go out showing what Assessment amounts will be.
Motion Approved
DeNike Property 4494 Beeman Road
Supervisor Martin explained process of work to date.  Trustee Wright expressed undertaking and amount of work done to date looks good.
Trustee Wright moved that the Township Board approve the revised time schedule of 12/20/10 extending the originally approved time lines of January 12, 2010, for bringing the DeNIke property at 4494 Beeman Road into compliance with Williamstown Township ordinance.
Seconded by Trustee Wilbrink
Discussion:  none
Motion Approved
New Business
Poverty Exemptions
Supervisor Martin explained same process as last year.  Worked well.
.Trustee Wilbrink  moved the passage of Williamstown Township Resolution #97,  Adopting the Federal Poverty Guidelines for 2011 with an increase of 50% in all sections as shown in the resolution, and to limit assets to one licensed  vehicle for each resident, with a maximum of two, and to one principle residence with asset value determined by the following method:  true cash value as stated in an approved assessment role $250,000 for up to 100 % exemption with a decrease of 20% for every increase of $50,000 in value. 
Seconded by Treasurer Eyster
Yes: Bob Hayes, Ernie Gaffner, Frans Wilbrink, Janet Eyster, Martin Wright, Mickey Martin, Rick Williams.
Cemetery Fee Schedule
Clerk Gaffner explained reason for bringing forward for discussion.
Fees were set in past. 
Definitions need to be set due to city contribution of funds. 
Status is as of time of use of service. 
Maybe should be tied to PRE (Personal Residence Exemption)  in Township or residency status.
City has not contributed to date for this fiscal year.
Ordinance does have time frame for payment by city.
Simpler to add definition in fee schedule than in ordinance.
Should have definition done by end of fiscal year.
Could be renter in township.
Benefit should also go to property owners as well
Fee for space is for who buys it.
Fee for burial is for who is buried.
Hall Rental
Clerk Gaffner explained the request by church group to rent hall on regular basis. Would like deposit on retainer for rentals instead of each rental.
Clerk Gaffner moved that the Township be allowed to lease the hall at the approved rental fee schedule and that hall is leased for maximum of 4 dates in a single agreement.  The agreed to deposit is to be held by the Township until such time as the rental agreement is no longer renewed.  Any deposit returned to the lessee will then be in accordance with the hall leasing agreement.
Seconded by Trustee Wright
May be excluding residents from use for graduations, etc.
Would be month to month.
Deposit required when reserving.
Maximum of 4 dates/month
Treasury will set an expense line for renter
Concern of organization.
Contact for organization recently lived in Township
What if a group the Township did not want to rent to?
Will present hall rental agreement to trustees for review.
Corporation rentals addressed in agreement
Certificate of liability presented
Motion Approved
Parks and Recreation
Field Rental Policy
Supervisor Martin explained reason for coming up with policy due to increase questions on field rentals.
Supervisor Martin moved the Williamstown Township Board approve the Parks & Recreation Committee’s, definition of qualified organizations  or groups and requirements established by the Parks & Recreation Committee for  use of Township facilities and that this be included with the Parks & Recreation Fee Schedule approved by the Township Board on April 6, 2010.
Seconded by Treasurer Eyster
New procedure
Groups discussed in parks ordinance. 
Do we need to modify definition?
Should we refer to attorney for review?
Look at school district policy
Consistency with other policies of township
Motion Approved
Sick leave policy
Explanation from Treasurer Eyster.  Use of Sick leave for personal leave up to half.  This would not change budget.  Would not accrue as a payment at end of employment.  Suggesting holiday pay that would match county days.  Four days of holiday pay equals a 2% raise if they fall on days that we would be open.  Next year would be 8 days of holiday pay.  No raises for the next two years.  Average 8-9 holidays per year.
Should not differentiate between personal and sick.
Used in hour increments. 
Option still there to send someone home who is sick even without sick time accumulated.
Roll over can occur.
Can be used either way- sick or personal.
Limiting time worked to 48 hours per pay period to keep within budget and spread through out year.
Limit to 40 hours in a week to avoid overtime.
Trustee Wilbrink moved to approve proposed changes in compensation for hourly employee compensation with the stipulation that sick days can not be used for personal days but personal days can be used for sick days.
Seconded by Trustee Hayes
Motion Approved
Departments & Committees
Clerk Gaffner:  Regarding Memo for traffic fines.
Trustee Wilbrink: Niesa still working on building.
Treasurer Eyster:  ready to wrap up energy grant.
Issue:  when end of January arrives we can not spend any more personal funds.  Unclear whether Wheatfield will have final bill for lighting.  Would like authorization to finish bill payment.  Need to find out from state what the procedure is. 
Treasurer Eyster moved to allow Supervisor be permitted to make budget adjustment s necessary to move any access grant funds in the energy grant back to the original location of these funds.
Seconded by Trustee Hayes
Motion Approved
Noted that links have been made to websites between townships for police protection services.
Public Comment for agenda & non-agenda items
Supervisor Martin closed Public Comment at 9:20
Resolutions Prepared:  Clerk Gaffner
PH for budget: Clerk Gaffner
Fee schedule; definition for resident: Trustee Hayes
Field reservation:  Planning Assistant
DeNike notification:  Planning Assistant
Hall rental agreement and park policy language:  Supervisor Martin
Website:  Clerk Gaffner
MTA (Michigan Township Association) conference interferes with next Board meeting. Next meeting will be February 8th.
Motion by Trustee Hayes to adjourn the meeting at 9:25 pm.
Meeting adjourned.
Ernie Gaffner
Township Clerk