2005 Meeting Minutes
JANUARY 4, 2005
Supervisor Martin called the meeting to order at 7:30 pm and reviewed the agenda.
Trustee Wilbrink; Trustee Wright; Treasurer LeBlanc; Supervisor Martin; and Clerk Zaban.
Minutes of 12/7/04 and 12/21/04 Meeting
12/7/04 Correction to Treasurer’s Report:  Treasurer LeBlanc cannot reconcile general fund monthly statements until a valid beginning balance for August is established.
12/7/05 Correction to Budget 2005-06:  Change March 2005 to April 1, 2005.
12/21/04 Correction to Building Library Authority:  Change CATL to CADL. 
12/21/04:  Add attendance.
December Activity Report
No Comment. 
Treasurer’s Report
Treasurer LeBlanc indicated that a tax disbursement report is included for review.
Addition/Correction from 2/1/05 Regular Board Meeting:  Treasurer LeBlanc reported that he was not able to reconcile the General Fund account because there was a discrepancy of approximately $1,800.00 between the amount that the bank statement said we had and the amount that our Quickbooks accounting software said that we had.  Quickbooks indicated that we had $1,779.92 more than the bank.
Accounts Paid and Payable
Trustee Wilbrink questioned paid items:  Quill, Diamond International, Wetland and Costal Resources, Inc.  Trustee Wilbrink questioned payroll deductions for AFLAC.  Supervisor Martin clarified each expenditure.
Trustee Wilbrink questioned Cemetery Report and costs of caretaker and sexton.  Supervisor indicated that the sexton is in transition towards retirement.
Building Inspector
No Comment.
Treasurer LeBlanc made a motion to accept the consent agenda with changes.  Trustee Wilbrink seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.
George Durak--116 Feldspar Dr.:  Questioned what amount of the general fund balance is not balancing.  Treasurer LeBlanc indicated that it is approximately $1,116 and indicated that the auditor has reviewed and identified it as payroll errors.  Mr. Durak also questioned how vacancies were filled on committees.  Supervisor Martin indicated that vacancies are filled by appointment.  Residents interested should submit request for appointments in writing.
Lisa Whitman—4965 Petoskey Dr.:  Submitted and reviewed a proposal to use the rental hall for weekly Yoga classes.  Supervisor Martin indicated that the Board would review the proposal and discuss it at the January 18 workshop meeting. 
Nancy Fink--535 Sherwood Rd.:  Will be making a proposal to the Cemetery Committee to start a volunteer committee to fix broken headstones at Foote Cemetery.  Clerk Zaban indicated that the next Cemetery Meeting is January 11 at 10:00 am.  Mrs. Fink would also like to see the fence repaired.
Katie Lo—290 E. Sherwood Rd.:  Asked for an update regarding the Black Angus Cow complaint.  Supervisor Martin reviewed the status to date and indicated that the issue to be resolved involves the Right to Farm Act and compliance with that Act.  The Drain Commission, at this time, does not see a violation.
John Dickerson—5872 Lounsbury Rd.:  Offered that the Drain Commission was very strict with the Rifle Club and erosion issues. 
Bob Hayes—1240 Sherwood Rd.:  Offered that, in his professional experience, the Department of Agriculture typically supports farmer and are not very objective and that the DEQ tries to stay out of Right to Farm Act issues.  The Right to Farm act gives a tremendous amount of latitude to farmers. 
Ruth Templeton—1435 Epley Rd.:  Questioned why the Manufactured Housing and Mixed Use Master Plan Amendments and Map had not been seen by the Planning Commission?  Trustee Wright indicated that the Planning Commission had reviewed the map last summer.  Mrs. Templeton also questioned why then had the Planners brought the map up for two months to the Planning Commission.  Supervisor Martin the process for Master Plan revisions and indicated that most of the steps had been completed and set-aside for more pressing issues.  The Planners were just bringing the revisions back to the table to see if the Planning Commission was ready to move forward.  Trustee Wright confirmed Supervisor Martin’s assessment of the process and where the Planning Commission was with the process.
Planning Commission Meeting Minutes 12/21/04
Chairman Hayes reviewed the minutes.  No board comment.
Springbrook Road Name
The Planning Commission made recommendation to the Board to approve the name Springbrook Drive for Springbrook Subdivision.  Supervisor Martin explained that road name considerations are important because of the 911 system.  When 911 was locally dispatched, road naming was not such an issue.  Now that 911 is dispatched centrally out of Lansing, road name consideration is important because dispatchers may not be familiar with the area.  The Tri-County Planning Commission provides a good service reviewing street names that are matching in the local area, but it is a recommendation and the Board can approve a road name outside of their recommendation.
Trustee Wright made a motion to approve Springbrook Drive as a road name for Springbrook Subdivision.  Treasurer LeBlanc seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.
Master Plan Revisions
Supervisor Martin reviewed a compressed timeline for Master Plan revisions submitted by McKenna and Associates.  Supervisor Martin acknowledged that moving forward with this project with a compressed timeline would be a vigorous schedule and it would be a big commitment by the Planning Commission.  Chairman Hayes indicated that the Planning Commission is willing to commit the time.  Trustee Wright expressed a concern of the cost and would hope that the numbers presented are on high side.  Supervisor Martin believes this is an important project and that a contract could be negotiated with the Planners to commit to a limit on costs.  Trustee Wilbrink asked if these hours are in addition to the Planner’s regular hours?  Supervisor Martin indicated that these costs would be above the regular hours.  Supervisor Martin also clarified that when the Planners are here, they are not necessarily billing the Township.  They may be working on outside projects and only bill us when working on Township issues or attending meetings.
Trustee Wright made a motion that the Board accept the compressed Master Plan timeline and contract a monthly review of progress that would include a stop clause, if necessary, and cost limits.  The motion was seconded by Clerk Zaban and passed unanimously. 
Library Board Appointments
The Williamston Community Library Foundation appointment for Township representative Ed Noonan is up for renewal.  Supervisor Martin recommended that he be reappointed.  Trustee Wilbrink questioned the timing of the appointment notice and the procedure.  Trustee Wright and Supervisor Martin both believe the timing is an oversight because of other priorities.  This is a voluntary group and they put in many hours of work and should be supported by the Township Board.  Supervisor Martin suggested that Trustee Wilbrink follow-up with the Foundation regarding any concerns. 
Supervisor Martin made a motion to reappoint Ed Noonan to the Williamston Community Library Foundation as Williamstown Township’s representative.  The motion was seconded by Treasurer Leblanc and passed unanimously.
Poverty Guidelines/Asset Level
Every year the Board must pass a resolution to set the poverty and asset level guidelines.  The 2004 guideline allows for an asset level of one parcel of real property (no cottage) and one licensed and plated vehicle per driver in the household.  Supervisor made a recommendation that the Board adopt the 2004 asset guideline and the Federal Poverty Guidelines.   
Past Treasurer Fink offered history of the previous guidelines and asset levels such as saving accounts, vehicles, etc. 
Trustee Wright made a motion to pass a resolution to adopt the Federal Poverty Guidelines and an asset level of one parcel of real property (no cottage) and one licensed and plated vehicle per driver in the household.  Trustee Wilbrink seconded the motion and it passed unanimously. 
Precinct Changes
Clerk Zaban reported that the County has made precinct rule changes mandating that the Township reduce their number of precincts effective March 10.  The Township will now conduct all school votes.  Distributed was a proposed resolution changing the current four precincts to two precincts voting at the Township Hall and St. Katherine’s.  Trustee Wilbrink expressed concern regarding the reduction in precincts and how that would effect voting wait times.  Clerk Zaban indicated that there would be more voting machines that will be more efficient, as well as other changes that will speed up the process.  Other advantages of this change would include streamlining the voting process for all votes, including school votes, and resident precinct identification.
Trustee Wright made a motion to pass the proposed resolution to adopt the new precincts.  The motion was seconded by Supervisor Martin.
Roll Call:   Trustee Wilbrink   Yes
Trustee Wright    Yes
Treasurer LeBlanc   Yes
Supervisor Martin    Yes
Clerk Zaban       Yes
The motion passed 5 to 0.
Budget Amendment
Supervisor Martin proposed a motion that the April through December 2004 Cable Commission Salary (425-702) be amended from $500 to $910 taking $410 from Contingency.  Trustee Wright seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.
Consultants Contract Renewal
McKenna and Associations have submitted an Update of Fees for Planning Services to be approved by the board for 2005.
Trustee Wright made a motion that the Update of Fees for Planning Services be approved.  The motion was seconded by Treasurer Leblanc and passed unanimously.
Board of Review Appointments
Supervisor Martin made a recommendation to the board to reappoint Gerald Eidt and Robert Tetzlaff to the Board of Review and to fill the vacant position with Kurt Guter.  Trustee Wilbrink asked if there had been other applicants for the vacant position?  Supervisor Martin indicated that two other people had applied and their letters of request will be held on file for future openings.  Mr. Guter had volunteered in other areas of the Township and had proved to be very thorough and diligent in his work.  Trustee Wilbrink suggested that appointments for vacant positions be posted to the public through the newsletter.  Supervisor Martin stated that was a great idea and asked Treasurer Trustee Wilbrink to write a letter for the newsletter. 
Supervisor Martin made a motion to reappoint Gerry Eidt and Robert Tetzlaff and to appoint Kurt Guter to the Board of Review.  The motion was seconded by Trustee Wright.  The motioned passed by a 4-1 vote. 
Unfinished Business
Budget 2005-06
Supervisor Martin presented a proposed budget and recommended that the Board make a motion to hold a Budget Public Hearing in February for budget approval in March.  The Public Hearing will be conducted to go through the budget line item by line item. 
Treasurer LeBlanc requested that the Treasurer’s Budget be considered separately from the proposed budget at the public hearing.  Supervisor Martin asked the Board if they would like the Treasurer’s Budget figures to be added to the proposed budget prior to public hearing or be heard as a separate budget?  Trustee Wright suggested they be put into the proposed budget for public hearing, but he questioned the proposed budgeted amounts to be inserted.  It is Trustee Wright’s understanding that the Township is growing and increasing the budget may be needed, but does the Deputy Treasurer’s salary need to be doubled?  Treasurer LeBlanc explained that the increase in salary and training are due to the positions being held by new employees.  Review continued of comparable salaries across deputies.  Supervisor Martin asked what are the anticipated increases in tasks that would necessitate the need for increased hours?  Treasurer LeBlanc indicated the increase in hours would allow the deputy to qualify for Township payment of Aflac.  It was suggested by Clerk Zaban that if the Deputy Treasurer’s hours were to be increased then that position could be considered for receptionist duties if needed.
Trustee Wilbrink questioned the budget for road improvement and shouldn’t future road improvements be part of the budget?  Trustee Wilbrink also questioned what the park expenses would be.  Supervisor Martin responded that road improvements are based on County budgets and park expenses are for maintenance, equipment, and other improvements.
Supervisor Martin indicated that this budget assumes cost of living increases in salary with the exception of Mark Tabors’ who has requested any salary increases be put in a retirement plan.  Trustee Wright asked if these increases included the elected positions because they have not increased in approximately 3 to 4 years.  Supervisor Martin indicated that it does not include increases for elected positions.  Supervisor Martin suggested that if the Board would like to look at elected salaries, then the Board should established a committee to review and make recommendations. 
Trustee Wilbrink questioned the Township’s hours of operation.  Trustee Wright indicated that opening on Mondays would increase the budget in salary costs.  Clerk Zaban also reminded Trustee Wilbrink that Mondays are available for officers to get work done outside of the public hours.
Treasurer LeBlanc asked if a budget amendment could be considered to satisfy a current shortfall in training expenses for the Treasurer’s office.  Supervisor Martin indicated that a budget amendment request could be considered before March through regular or special meeting.
Trustee Wright made a motion to approve a February Budget Public Hearing and to add the Treasurer’s budget figures into the proposed budget for public hearing with a change to the Deputy Treasurers salary from the proposed $13,416.00 to $8,300.00.  The motion was seconded by Trustee Wilbrink and passed unanimously.
Cemetery Budget
The Cemetery Budget is submitted by the Cemetery Committee.  Trustee Wilbrink questioned why the Burial line item has double?  Supervisor Martin indicated that burials in the past year have increased.   
Clerk Zaban made a motion that the Cemetery Budget proposal be approved for a February Budget Public Hearing.  Trustee Wright seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.
Date set for public hearing to be February 15 at 5:00 pm. 
No report. 
Trustee Wright requested that the Constable check on the Ciolek complaint.  Trustee Wright also requested that the Supervisor move forward with taking action against US1 Motors for ordinance violations. 
No meeting since last report.  Agenda for next meeting presented.
No meeting since last report.  Trustee Wilbrink asked if the park is plowed for snow.  Supervisor Martin said it is plowed and will check with maintenance regarding schedule of plowing.
Mitchell Road Speed Study:  Supervisor Martin and Clerk Zaban accompanied the Michigan State Police to review the speed on Mitchell road.  A report was distributed and a recommendation was made to enforce the speed limit and not make any changes.  It was also noted that there is no parking along soccer field on Mitchell Road.  A detailed report from the State Police will follow. 
Workshop set for January 18 at 5:00 pm.
Supervisor Martin is continuing work with the City to move the process of development forward for Hideaway Woods 5 and Brookstone.  Supervisor Martin, Lisa Hitchcock, Williamston City Manager and Lynn Wilson Williamston City Planner met with the Ingham County Drain Commission to work out a positive drainage system. 
Trustee Wright made a motion that the Board goes into closed session.  The motion was seconded by Clerk Zaban and passed unanimously.
Supervisor Martin made a motion that recording secretary take minutes during closed session.  The motion was supported by Trustee Wright and passed unanimously.