2001 Meeting Minutes
FEBRUARY 6, 2001
The regular meeting of the Williamstown Township Board of Trustees was called to order at 7:33 p.m.  Clerk Sharon Ellis stated a quorum was present and recorded the following:  Supervisor Mickey Martin, Clerk Ellis, Treasurer Nancy Fink, Trustee Steven Zaban, Trustee Martin Wright.  Also present:  Building Inspector Walter Aven, Recording Secretary Lisa Badiee.
Clerk Ellis added three items to the agenda:  Unfinished Business:  Cable TV franchise fees
New Business:  Notary issue and office rearrangement; Supervisor Martin moved the  Building Inspector report to new business.
Clerk Ellis moved and Trustee Wright supported the consent agenda, which included  the minutes of the January 9, 2001 Board Meeting, acknowledging the Treasurer’s report of financial activity for the month of January, 2001; and approving the list of accounts to be paid for February:  check numbers 10778 to 10808 for a total of $16,249.43.   
Motion passed unanimously.
NIESA Property
Supervisor Martin presented a resolution that would convey the Township’s interest in the property to NIESA and advised that the Township attorney finds it acceptable.  The City of Williamston has not yet seen the resolution.  Trustee Zaban moved to accept the resolution; Clerk Ellis supported.  Ellis questioned whether  the motion should be contingent on the City’s agreement to transfer its interest.  Sense of the Board was that the Township wants to take the leadership role in this issue and wants to turn over its interest to NIESA regardless of what the City does. 
Roll call vote was taken:
Ayes:   Supervisor Martin, Clerk Ellis, Treasurer Fink,  Trustee Zaban, Trustee Wright
Nays:  None
Motion passed unanimously.
Former Board of Trustees Final Payment
Supervisor Martin advised that to date all but former Supervisor Obst have returned overpayments, and he has responded negatively to correspondence sent by the Township.  Supervisor Martin asked to authorize the Township attorney to send Mr. Obst a letter demanding repayment.  She advised that she had been trying to collect the debt without involving the attorney and spending Township money.  Clerk Ellis clarified that Trustee Zaban had not been involved in the overpayment.  Ellis moved supporting Martin’s request; Zaban seconded.
Motion passed unanimously.
Cable Franchise Fees
Clerk Ellis reported that franchise fees were paid to the Township by Horizon in 1999 and Millennium in  2000.  Millennium has not yet paid its 2000 fees and she is waiting to hear from them as to when they will arrive.  Millennium seems to be offering discounted packages to certain subscribers; she is planning to meet with the Cable Commission Chair to discuss.  Trustees Wright and Zaban requested copies of fax Ellis received from Millennium.
Appointment to Library Foundation Board
Supervisor Martin advised that the Williamston Community Library Foundation has been incorporated and needs a Township representative to serve on its Board.  Martin said that Ray Challis, 4055 Vanetter Road, has volunteered.
Supervisor Martin moved and Clerk Ellis supported Challis’ appointment.
Motion passed unanimously.
Challis reported that the Library Board is in negotiations for purchase of property in the City of Williamston, on which to build a library of approximately 10,000 square feet.  (The present library is 1200 square feet, the smallest library in all of Michigan.)  Studies show library usage at 4000 to 5000 people per month.  The Library Board is currently awaiting a ruling from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality about cleanup of contamination on the property.
Building Inspector Report
Extension:  Knox property, 248 Barry Road
Inspector Aven provided background information regarding a letter received from  Thomas R. Knox, 4990 Zimmer Road.  Knox was given a variance to build a second home on his lot and was given six months to tear down the old house at 248 Barry Road.  A bond should have been requested of  Knox, but was not; therefore the Township has no bond money to tear it down.  Knox has asked for an extension until May 1, 2001.  Aven proposed that Knox be given the extension and Aven will advise on the status at the May Board meeting.
Clerk Ellis moved and Trustee Wright supported the extension.
Motion passed unanimously
Building Permit Fees
Inspector Aven proposed an increase in building permit fees as follows:
   One and Two Family Dwellings
      Living Areas:   $50.00 (from $45.00)
      Garage:   $18.00 (from $12.00)
      Basement:   $12.00 (from $10.00)
The Township is a little under the national average of $51.00 for Michigan.  Meridian Township charges $44.00 and Delta Township, $51.00.  City of Lansing uses the same fees as the Township.  The Township does not charge for plan review, as some others do.
Clerk Ellis moved  and Trustee Zaban supported adoption of the new fees.
Motion passed unanimously.
Township Notaries
Clerk Ellis reported that she is in the process of having all office personnel certified as notaries public.  Township paid for all application fees.  Each notary requires equipment and a state-mandated bond.  The Township can purchase a package which includes the notary bond and a $7,000 errors and omissions policy for $30 each.  Notary stamps are $8.95 each.  Clerk Ellis suggested the Township provide the policy and stamp for each employee.
Clerk Ellis moved and Supervisor Martin supported providing notary packages for each employee.
Motion passed unanimously.
Ellis asked whether the Board wishes to continue the current policy of free notarization for both Township residents and non-residents.  Sense of the Board was  to continue as-is.
Office Rearrangement
Clerk Ellis reported that she received two estimates for rearrangement of office furniture.  The move will require additional telephone equipment to be installed adding two new telephones and voice mail.  The cost of moving the furniture is $337.50 (provided by Two Men & a Truck); the cost of telephone equipment is $1,539.85.  Supervisor Martin explained to the public the need for rearrangement of furniture.  Questions were brought up about voice mail.  Martin explained why voice mail would be helpful, how it works and assured that phones will be answered by an employee during regular office hours.
Clerk Ellis moved and Trustee Wright supported the expenditures for the office rearrangement and new telephone equipment.
Motion passed unanimously.
Recycling and Solid Waste Disposal
Terry Guerin from Granger Group addressed the Board on Granger’s position on the County’s proposed solid waste management plan.
Clerk Ellis moved to adjourn with  support by Trustee Zaban.
Motion passed unanimously. 
Meeting adjourned at 8:53 p.m.
________________________________      ______________________________
Sharon Ellis, Clerk            Lisa Badiee, Recording Secretary