§ 160.041 AGRICULTURE (AG).
   (a)   Intent. It shall be the intent of this district to provide for a limited agricultural industry within the city limits. Agricultural districts within city limits are typically agricultural lands transitioning to future urban uses. This transition should therefore maintain current agricultural operations until such time as it can be rezoned to a more appropriate urban zoning district. Land that is important to preserve in its natural state should remain within an agriculture district or be rezoned to a CN Conservation district to help protect environmental assets such as rivers and floodplains, critical open space, urban forests, soils, wetlands, and steep slope areas.
   (b)   Forms allowed in this district are as follows:
      (1)   Primary Form: agriculture open space (Open3).
      (2)   Form: basic utilities (UT1).
      (3)   Form: tower utilities (UT2).
      (4)   Form: warehousing and manufacturing —mining and waste (WM3).
(Ord. 9-13, passed 3-19-2013; Ord. 37-19, passed 4-2-2019)