General Provisions
   152.001   Title
   152.002   Purpose
   152.003   Definitions
Licensed Manufactured Home Parks
   152.015   Duty of licensee and occupants
Licensed Manufactured Home Parks; License
   152.030   Required; term, renewal, annual inspection and fee
   152.031   Revocation or refusal
   152.032   Transfer
Licensed Manufactured Home Parks; Permits and Inspections
   152.045   Manufactured home placement permit
   152.046   Detached accessory buildings and structures
   152.047   Service buildings and equipment
   152.048   Carports, cabanas, enclosed vestibules, canopies and decks
   152.049   Work exempt from building code regulations
   152.050   Inspections
Licensed Manufactured Home Parks; Park Standards
   152.065   Placement of manufactured homes
   152.066   Water supply
   152.067   Waste disposal
   152.068   Garbage disposal
   152.069   Electricity
   152.070   Fire protection
   152.071   Park identification sign
   152.072   Street and space numbering
Licensed Manufactured Home Parks; Administration and Enforcement
   152.085   General
   152.086   Placement permit revocation
   152.087   Abandoned manufactured homes
   152.088   Notice of removal of manufactured homes
   152.089   Appeals
   Building, see ch. 150
   Electricity, see ch. 55
   Fire protection and prevention, see ch. 91
   Floodplain management, see ch. 156
   Health and sanitation, see ch. 92
   Licenses, see ch. 110
   Motor vehicles, see §§ 73.001 through 73.007, 93.025 through 93.035
   Planning, see ch. 154
   Plumbing, see §§ 150.301 et seq.
   Signs and outdoor advertising, see ch. 155
   Streets and sidewalks, see ch. 96
   Subdivisions, see ch. 157
   Traffic code, see title VII
   Utilities, see title V
   Zoning, see ch. 160
Statutory reference:
   Power to regulate the use of house trailers, see SDCL 9-31-1