General Provisions
   157.001   Title
   157.002   Purpose
   157.003   Authority
   157.004   Jurisdiction
   157.005   Interpretation, abrogation and severability
   157.006   Amendments
   157.007   Enforcement and violations
   157.008   Definitions
Subdivision Plan Approval Process
   157.020   Applicability
   157.021   Overview of approval process
   157.022   Fees
   157.023   Subdivision plan and plat exemptions
Concept Plan
   157.035   Information required
Preliminary Subdivision Plan
   157.050   General provisions
   157.051   Submittal and process
   157.052   Preliminary subdivision plan elements and approval criteria
   157.053   Effective period of preliminary approval
   157.054   Revisions to preliminary subdivision plan
Development Engineering Plans
   157.065   The development engineering plans
The Plat
   157.066   The plat
   157.067   Plat submission
   157.068   Plat approval
Subdivision Process Exemptions
   157.080   Subdivision plan exemptions; minor plat, transfer of ownership plat and replat
   157.081   Plat exemptions
Preliminary Subdivision Plan Lot, Block, and Street Layout Criteria
   157.095   Preliminary subdivision plan intent
   157.096   Preliminary subdivision plan blocks
   157.097   Preliminary subdivision plan lots
   157.098   Preliminary subdivision plan street system
   157.099   Preliminary plan shared use paths
Development Engineering Plan Criteria
   157.112   Development engineering plan lots, blocks, and streets
   157.113   Development engineering plan streets system
   157.114   Shared use paths
   157.115   Development engineering plan minimum subdivision improvements
   157.116   Private maintenance and repair agreements
   157.117   Easements
Water Facilities
   157.130   General requirements
   157.131   Public water supply
   157.132   Design standards
Sanitary Sewers
   157.145   Provided for each lot
   157.146   Exceptions
   157.147   Design standards
Grading and Drainage
   157.160   Grading plan
   157.161   Drainage plan
   157.162   Design standards
   157.175   Specifications
   157.176   Subdivisions and individual lots
Preservation of Natural Features and Amenities
   157.190   Existing features
   157.191   Sensitive natural areas
Rural Subdivisions
   157.205   In general
   157.206   Roads
   157.207   Lots and blocks
   157.208   Grading and drainage
   157.209   Water supply
   157.210   Sanitary sewers
Assurances for the Completion of Minimum Improvements
   157.225   Assurances required
   157.999   Penalty
   Appendix A: Certificates for Preliminary Plans
   Appendix B: Certificates for Plats and Replats
   Appendix C: Subdivision Construction Agreement
   Adoption of subdivision regulations, see §§ 154.034 through 154.036
   Building, see ch. 150
   Extraterritorial zoning regulations, see ch. 159
   Fire protection and prevention, see ch. 91
   Floodplain management, see ch. 156
   Health and sanitation, see ch. 92
   Manufactured homes, see ch. 152
   Parks and recreation, see ch. 95
   Planning, see ch. 154
   Plumbing, see ch. 55
   Signs and outdoor advertising, see ch. 155
   Storm drainage fee, see § 51.100
   Streets and sidewalks, see ch. 96
   Subdivision plats to be approved after major street plan adopted, see § 154.033
   Utilities, see title VII
   Zoning, see ch. 160
Statutory reference:
   Platting of subdivisions, see SDCL ch. 11-3
   Subdivision regulations, see SDCL 11-6-27 et seq.