(a)   Intent. The RA-1 district is intended to provide for areas of lower density multiple-family townhomes and apartments. This district provides for neighborhood facilities such as schools, places of worship, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and community residential homes. Because RA-1 districts are one important method to transition to residential areas, an emphasis will be put on the quality of the development with regard to its landscaping, setbacks, and site arrangement.
   (b)   Forms allowed in this district are as follows:
      (1)   Primary Form: multiple dwelling—small (MD1).
      (2)   Form: attached dwelling—suburban twin home/duplex (AD1).
      (3)   Form: attached dwelling—suburban four-unit townhome (AD2).
      (4)   Form: attached dwelling—suburban eight-unit townhome (AD3).
      (5)   Form: attached dwelling-traditional eight-unit townhome (AD4).
      (6)   Form: detached dwelling—suburban (DD2).
      (7)   Form: neighborhood facilities (NF1).
      (8)   Form: neighborhood residential facilities (NF2).
      (9)   Form: basic utilities (UT1).
      (10)   Form: tower utilities (UT2).
(Ord. 9-13, passed 3-19-2013; Ord. 37-19, passed 4-2-2019)