§ 160.031  LIVE-WORK (LW).
   (a)   Intent. The live-work district is ideally designed to allow multifamily residential and office forms and uses within the same district and it will also allow limited commercial within the district. Residents and employees within this district will have the option of living in close proximity to their work area and allow for a more sustainable neighborhood. This district allows developers more flexibility to determine the best available market between two very compatible land uses. LW will also allow a mixed-use building where office buildings are allowed on the first floor and residential on the second floor.
   (b)   Forms allowed in this district are as follows:
      (1)   Primary Form: business and community facilities—small (BCF1).
      (2)   Form: multiple dwelling-medium (MD2).
      (3)   Form: business and community facilities-large (BCF3).
      (4)   Form: multiple dwelling—small (MD1).
      (5)    Form: attached dwelling—suburban twin home/duplex (AD1).
      (6)   Form: attached dwelling—suburban four-unit townhome (AD2).
      (7)   Form: attached dwelling—suburban eight-unit townhome (AD3).
      (8)   Form: limited retail employment (RE1).
      (9)   Form: neighborhood facilities (NF1).
      (10)   Form: neighborhood residential facilities (NF2).
      (11)   Form: basic utilities (UT1).
      (12)   Form: tower utilities (UT2).
(Ord. 9-13, passed 3-19-2013; Ord. 23-16, passed 4-5-2016; Ord. 37-19, passed 4-2-2019)