General Provisions
   154.001   Ordinances saved from repeal
   154.002   Planning agency designated
Planning Commission
   154.015   Created
   154.016   Composition
   154.017   Appointment
   154.018   Terms of members
   154.019   Vacancies
   154.020   Removal for cause
   154.021   Compensation; expenses
   154.022   Organization
   154.023   Meetings; rules; records
   154.024   Annual report
   154.025   Employment of staff
   154.026   Contracts
   154.027   Miscellaneous powers
   154.028   Preparation of comprehensive plan for city development; contents of plan; changes or additions
   154.029   General purposes of comprehensive plan
   154.030   Adoption of comprehensive plan
   154.031   Legal status of comprehensive plan
   154.032   Recommendation and adoption of building and setback regulations; public hearing and notice required
   154.033   Subdivision plats to be approved after major street plan adopted; extraterritorial jurisdiction of city; reports and recommendations by planning commission
   154.034   Subdivision regulations; generally
   154.035   Subdivision regulations; scope
   154.036   Subdivision regulations; hearing
   154.037   Approval of plats
   154.038   Improvements in unapproved streets
   154.039   Buildings prohibited on unapproved streets; action to enjoin erection or remove building
Arts Commission
   154.050   Created
   154.051   Composition
   154.052   Term of office
   154.053   Compensation; expense
   154.054   Organization
   154.055   Meetings; quorum, staff
   154.056   Committees
   154.057   Purpose, duties, and responsibilities
Active Transportation Board
   154.060   Created
   154.061   Composition
   154.062   Term of office
   154.063   Operation
   154.064   Compensation; expense
   154.065   Organization
   154.066   Meetings; quorum, staff
   154.067   Mission of advisory board
   154.068   Purpose of advisory board
   154.069   Subcommittees
   154.070   Official business duties—recommendations to city council
   154.071   Official business duties—letter of advocacy
   154.072   Public engagement
   154.073   Definitions
   154.074   Authorities for all boards, commissions, and agencies
   Administration, see title III
   Building, see ch. 150
   Extraterritorial zoning regulations, see ch. 159
   Floodplain management, see ch. 156
   Health and sanitation, see ch. 92
   Historic preservation, see ch. 151
   Manufactured homes, see ch. 152
   Parks and recreation, see ch. 95
   Plumbing, see §§ 150.301 et seq.
   Signs and outdoor advertising, see ch. 155
   Streets and sidewalks, see ch. 96
   Subdivisions, see ch. 157
   Utilities, see title V
   Zoning, see ch. 160
Statutory reference:
   Planning and zoning, see SDCL title 11
   Planning and zoning commissions, see SDCL 11-6-1 et seq.