254.01  BONDS.
   (a)   Amounts.
      (1)   A faithful performance blanket position bond, in the amount of two thousand five hundred dollars ($2,500) shall be required for all clerks, officers and employees of the City, except as hereinafter set forth:
         A.   Clerk of Council    $ 7,500
         B.   Deputy Clerks of the Municipal Court    3,000
         C.   Bailiffs of the Municipal Court    3,000
         D.   Clerk of the Director of Public Service    5,000
         E.   Water and Sanitary Sewage Division Office Manager     10,000
      (2)   Separate faithful performance blanket position bonds shall be required for the following positions and in the following amounts:
         A.   Treasurer    $30,000
         B.   Tax Commissioner    10,000
            Personnel in the office of the Tax Commissioner    10,000
         C.   Auditor   5,000
         D.   Clerk of the Municipal Court    10,000
   (b)   Conditions. The blanket bonds set forth in subsection (a) hereof shall indemnify the City against losses through any one of the following conditions:
      (1)   The failure of any officer, clerk or employee covered hereunder to faithfully perform his duty or to account properly for all moneys or property received by virtue of his position or employment; or
      (2)   Fraudulent or dishonest acts committed by any officer, clerk or employee covered hereunder.
(Ord. 71-99. Passed 2-7-72.)
   (c)   Requirements; Recording. Each officer required by law or ordinance to give bond shall do so before entering upon the duties of his office, except as otherwise provided by State law. Council may, at any time, require each officer to give a new or additional bond. Except in the case of the City Auditor, each bond, upon its approval, shall be delivered to the City Auditor, who shall immediately record it in a record book provided for that purpose and file and carefully preserve it in his office. The bond of the City Auditor shall be delivered to the City Treasurer, who shall in like manner record and preserve it.
(1969 Code Sec. 31.02)
   (d)   Preparation; Approval. The official bonds of all Municipal officers shall be prepared or approved by the City Solicitor. Except as otherwise provided by State law, such bonds shall be in the amounts set forth in subsection (a) hereof or in such amounts as Council may prescribe by general or special ordinance. Official bonds shall be subject to the approval of the Mayor, except that the Mayor's bond shall be approved by Council or, if Council is not legally organized, by the Clerk of the County Court of Common Pleas.
(1969 Code Sec. 31.03)
   (e)   Validity. In the case of each bond prescribed herein, the fact that the instrument is without a seal, that certain blanks, for example the date or the amount, have been filled in subsequent to its execution but before its acceptance, without the consent of the sureties, that all the obligees named in the instrument have not signed it, that new duties have been imposed upon the officers or that any merely formal objection exists, shall not be available in any suit on the instrument.
(1969 Code Sec. 31.04)