CHAPTER 230 Department of Safety
EDITOR'S NOTE: This chapter was previously titled "Department of Public Safety." The title was changed to reflect the change in the name of this Department in the City Charter adopted by the voters on November 4, 1997. References throughout these Codified Ordinances to the Department of Public Safety shall be deemed to mean the Department of Safety.
230.01   Office of Director established.
230.02   Chaplains for the Police and Fire Divisions.
230.03   Employing additional persons during emergencies.
230.04   Division of Litter Control;  personnel; benefits. (Recodified)
   Establishment - see CHTR. Secs. 9.01, 9.04
   Duties of Director re Police Division - see ADM. 232.04
   Duties of Director re Auxiliary Police Force - see ADM. 232.10
   Duties of Director re private watchmen or policemen - see ADM. 232.11
   Duties of Director re Auxiliary Fire Force - see ADM. 234.10
   Duties of Director re City Architect - see ADM. 236.01
   Bonds - see ADM. 254.01
   Duties of Director re Board of Building Standards - see ADM. 266.04
   Duties of Director re impounding of motor vehicles - see TRAF. 404.07
   Duties of Director re traffic control - see TRAP. Ch. 406
   Duties of Director re permits for oversize or overweight motor vehicles - see TRAF. 440.01
   Duties of Director re parking meters - see TRAF. Ch. 454
   Duties of Director re taxicab licenses - see B.R. & T. 872.02 et seq.
   Duties of Director re alarm monitoring service - see S.U. & P.S. 1062.01 et seq.