TITLE TWO - General Provisions
   Chap. 202.   Codified Ordinances.
   Chap. 204.   Official Standards.
   Chap. 206.   Wards and Boundaries.
TITLE FOUR - Legislation
   Chap. 210.   Council.
   Chap. 212.   Ordinances and Resolutions.
TITLE SIX - Administration
   Chap. 218.    Ethics Requirements.
   Chap. 220.   Mayor.
   Chap. 222.   Auditor.
   Chap. 224.   Treasurer.
   Chap. 226.   Director of Law.
   Chap. 228.   Sealer of Weights and Measures.
   Chap. 230.   Department of Safety.
   Chap. 232.   Police Division.
   Chap. 233.   Police Division Employment Practices.
   Chap. 234.   Fire Division.
   Chap. 236.   Office of Code Administration.
   Chap. 238.   Department of Service.
   Chap. 240.   Division of Purchase, Construction and Repair.
   Chap. 242.   Division of Water and Sanitary Sewage.
   Chap. 244.   Division of Engineering.
   Chap. 246.   Division of Streets.
   Chap. 248.   Division of Parks and Recreation/Building Maintenance.
   Chap. 250.   Department of Health.
   Chap. 252.   Department of Personnel.
   Chap. 254.   Employees Generally.
   Chap. 256.   Acquisition of Services and Materials.
TITLE EIGHT - Boards, Commissions and Authorities
   Chap. 260.   Board of Health.
   Chap. 262.   Planning Commission.
   Chap. 264.   Board of Zoning Adjustment.
   Chap. 266.   Board of Building Standards.
   Chap. 267.   Building Code Advisory Committee.
   Chap. 268.   Citizens' Advisory Council on Recreation.
   Chap. 270.   Human Relations Commission.
   Chap. 272.   Taxicab License Board. (Repealed)
   Chap. 274.   Boxing and Wrestling Commission.
   Chap. 276.   Board of Control.
   Chap. 278.   Civil Service Commission.
   Chap. 279.   Tax Incentive Review Council.
   Chap. 280.   Board of Review (Earned Income Tax).
   Chap. 282.   Litter Control Board.
   Chap. 284.   Fire Code Appeals Board.
   Chap. 286.   Newark Tree Commission.
   Chap. 287.   Citizen Advisory Mobility Committee.
   Chap. 288.   Heath-Newark-Licking County Port Authority.
   Chap. 289.   Charter Review Commission.
TITLE TEN - Judicial
   Chap. 290.   Municipal Court.