254.15  MEDICARE.
   (a)   After the effective date of this section (Ordinance 74-92, passed December 2, 1974), all City employees, as hereinafter defined, who are sixty-five years of age and over, shall receive Medicare coverage, paid for by the City, as a benefit.
   (b)   Effective January 1, 1975, the Social Security office is hereby authorized to bill the City for the cost of Medicare coverage for all City employees, as hereinafter defined, sixty-five years of age and over. Such billings shall be on a monthly basis listing the employee cost and his name.
   (c)   As used in this section "employees" means those individuals whose job titles and classifications are described in what are commonly known as the payroll ordinances of the City. All elected officials and those appointed officials whose salary by law may not be increased or diminished during term or tenure, are hereby expressly excluded from the effect of this section. For the purpose of this section, regular full-time employees of the Health Department, including the Commissioner, are included, provided that they meet the age requirement.
(Ord. 74-92. Passed 12-2-74.)