(a)   As used in this section, "proper authority" means prior permission obtained from the Mayor, in writing, and certification by the City Auditor of the availability of funds on a purchase order indicating the actual and/or anticipated expenses.
   (b)   With proper authority, all Municipal officials and employees may attend conferences, conventions, seminars, workshops and other activities within the State of Ohio in the conduct of official business and directly related to performing duties in their current position held with the City of Newark, and be reimbursed for certain expenses thereto. Any travel outside Ohio must be authorized by the Mayor and written documentation must be supplied to the Mayor proving that an outside-the-state trip is a necessity for the job. Any approved and necessary training will be done on-line whenever available and at a reasonable cost. Exception will be to retain certification.
   (c)   The City shall reimburse for transportation, parking fees, lodging, meals, registration and banquet fees in connection with conventions and conferences.  Reimbursement shall not be made for such items as valet or other personal services, personal telephone calls, Internet services, intoxicating beverages, entertaining other guests, and other expenses not related directly to City business.
      Under Ohio R.C. Chapter 102.03, a public official or employee shall not accept, solicit, or use the influence of his or her position to secure for personal use, a discounted or free frequent flyer airline ticket or other benefit from an airline if he or she has obtained the ticket or other benefit from the purchase of airline tickets for official travel.
   (d)   The following rates are hereby established for reimbursable expenses:
      (1)   Mileage shall be reimbursed at the rate allowable by the Internal Revenue Service in effect at the time the expense is incurred. An automobile mileage record, showing daily miles and odometer readings must be submitted. No mileage allowed when using a City vehicle.
      (2)   Overnight hotel accommodations shall be reimbursed at the actual cost, but not to exceed ninety dollars ($90.00) per day, single occupancy, or occupancy shared with another City, plus taxes. (Costs of lodging shared with members of an employee's family will be limited to single room rate which must be obtained from the hotel for use in the expense statement.) When making lodging arrangements, the employee should request the government rate and furnish the hotel/motel with the State of Ohio vendor tax exempt form which can be obtained from the Service Department. The tax exempt status, especially for local hotel/motel tax may not be recognized. Taxes not exempt will be reimbursed.
         There is one exception to the above, which is when the overnight accommodations and conference or seminar are in a specific location, in which case the Mayor may authorize payment of a higher rate with proof of registration and room rates.
      (3)   Reimbursement for meals shall be based on an amount not to exceed thirty dollars ($30.00) per day, unless lunch or dinner is provided in the registration fee, in which case the daily allowance will be reduced by ten dollars ($10.00) per meal furnished. Tips will be permitted as a reimbursement for meals only and shall be included as part of the per day maximum allowance. Any other tipping is not a reimbursable expense. Day trips away from the office do not qualify for meal reimbursement. All day meal expenses are for an employee who is required to be out-of-town prior to 8:00 a.m. and past 5:00 p.m.
      (4)   Reimbursement for meals for conferences and seminars held within Licking County shall be made only with the prior approval of the employee's department head and the Mayor. No reimbursement shall be made for meals when traveling within Licking County, except when the meal is in included in the registration.
      (5)   Original itemized and dated receipts for each expense incurred shall be submitted with a completed travel expense statement to the Auditor's office within five days of returning from travel. For failure to submit receipts within the time period stated, the City assumes no liability to reimburse expenses incurred. Any costs which are determined to be unreasonable or deemed extravagant will not be approved for reimbursement. Any other expense, not otherwise provided, incurred for the benefit of the City of Newark, shall be listed on the travel expense statement under "Miscellaneous". Receipt should be obtained and attached to the statement. Textbooks and other conference materials for which a fee must be paid become the property of the City. Supervisors approving such fees are responsible for such items being retained by the City.
   (e)   The City shall make advance payment only in the case of lodging and registration and the advance is made payable to the appropriate vendor.
(Ord. 99-24.  Passed 3-1-99; Ord. 04-47. Passed 12-6-04.)