Acquisition of Services and Materials
EDITOR'S NOTE: Resolution 96-35, passed May 6, 1996, authorized and directed the Mayor to prepare and implement a drug and alcohol policy for contracted providers of transportation services as required by Sections 5307, 5309 and 5311 of Chapter 53 or Section 103(e)(4) of Title 23 of the United States Code.
256.01   Contracts and purchases; advertising for bids.
256.02   Emergencies; bidding not required.
256.03   Policies of Council; circumstances justifying waiver of bidding.
256.04   Equal opportunities for awarding of contracts.
256.05   Rules and regulations.
256.06   Conformity with State law.
256.07   Expenditures; appropriation, warrant and certificate required; exceptions.
256.08   Obligations and expenditures made under certificates.
256.09   Per unit contracts.
256.10   Attachment of certificates to orders and contracts; effect.
256.11   Moneys deemed in Treasury or in process of collection.
256.12   Contracts and leases ex-tending beyond fiscal year.
256.13   Contracts paid from funds of Division of Water and Sanitary Sewage.
256.14   Procedure in event of noncompliance.
256.15   Liability to City in event of noncompliance.
256.16   Purpose.
256.17   Conflict of laws.
   Purchasing and contracting generally - see CHTR. Art. X
   Advertising for bids - see Ohio R.C. 153.34
   Public contracts - see Ohio R.C. 735.05, 735.051, 735.09
   Contracts for prosecution services - see ADM. 226.03
   Unlawful interest in contracts - see GEN. OFF. 606.17