(a)   The incumbents of all positions paid wholly or in part by the City shall be paid biweekly in accordance with the Base Wage and Salary Table, as the same is established from time to time by Council, or as otherwise specifically indicated herein. Advancement to increments (steps) within the pay ranges in such Table shall be at the beginning of the pay period following completion of service as indicated in the preceding step as follows:
   Step         Months
   1 to 2          Up to 6
   2to3          6
   3 to 4          12
   4to5          24
   5 to 6          24
   New employees shall be compensated at the lowest step of the pay range assigned to the classification in which they are employed, except that a new employee with exceptional qualifications may be initially employed at a higher step, not to exceed step four, by resolution of Council. Advancement to increments (steps) thereafter shall be in accordance with the schedule contained in the Base Wage and Salary Table, copies of which are on file in the office of the Clerk of Council, per advice to the City Auditor by the Director of Personnel.
(Ord. 73-41. Passed 6-18-73. )
   (b)   Nothing contained herein shall be construed to prohibit the office of the Director of Personnel and the City Auditor from utilizing periods shorter than biweekly to pay for personal services in special circumstances.
(Ord. 71-97. Passed 12-20-71.)