(a)   All elected officials, directors or their designated representatives, who are appointing authorities or otherwise responsible for supervising both uniformed and non-uniformed employees of the City, shall keep full, complete and accurate records in duplicate of accrued and expended sick leave, overtime, compensatory time and vacation time, and of the hours and days worked by each employee. Copies of these records shall be submitted to the office of the City Auditor biweekly on Monday, and payment for such services reported shall be made twelve calendar days thereafter, on Friday. Payment of salaries to those persons currently employed by the City shall not be affected by any change that this subsection may accomplish, but new employees entering the service of the City shall not receive their first check until twelve days after the first report regarding such employee is received in the office of the City Auditor. The duplicate copy of the reports shall be retained in the files of the office of each elected official, director or representative.
(Ord. 76-26. Passed 7-6-76.)
   (b)   All records affecting personnel which are maintained by any office, department or section of the City government shall be made immediately available, upon request, for inspection by the Mayor or his duly authorized designee and by the City Auditor. Reports, summaries or detailed information based upon such records shall be submitted as requested by such officials.
(Ord. 72-70. Passed 11-20-72.)