Director of Law
EDITOR'S NOTE: The title of the former City Solicitor was changed to the Director of Law by Amended Substitute House Bill 219, effective November 1, 1977. See Ohio R.C. 733.49 et seq. References throughout these Codified Ordinances to "Solicitor" shall now be read "Director of Law."
226.01   Assistant Director of Law.
226.02   Settlement of certain claims.
226.03   Contracts for prosecution services.
226.04   Reimbursement for costs of confinement.
226.05   Victim Advocate.
226.06   Request for outside legal services.
226.07   Appropriation of funds to retain outside legal counsel.
   Generally - see CHTR. Art. VIII
   Election and term - see Ohio R.C. 733.49
   Powers and duties - see Ohio R.C. 733.51 et seq.
   Counsel for City School Board - see Ohio R.C. 3313.35
   Bonds - see ADM. 254.01
   Duties re Human Relations Commission - see GEN. OFF. 632.08
   Coercion - see GEN. OFF. 636.08
   Powers re control of obscene materials and performances see GEN. OFF. 666.15, 666.16
   Reimbursement for confinement expenses - see GEN. OFF. 698.07
   Duties of Prosecutor re junk yards - see B.R. & T. 844.06