(a)   Employees of the City, as described in subsection (b) hereof, may purchase additional service credit, tax deferred, and the City shall withhold the required service credit deduction from the gross pay of each person who elects to do so and shall pick up (assume and pay) such deduction to the Public Employees Retirement System of Ohio (P.E.R.S.). A person electing this pick-up deduction shall not have the option of choosing to receive the payroll deduction directly instead of having this deduction picked up by the City. Members who have elected to participate in this plan cannot increase, decrease or terminate the amount of the pick-up deduction.
   (b)   The pick-up deduction by the City as provided in subsection (a) hereof shall apply to all persons making the election within the following classes: all employees of the City who are contributing members of the Public Employees Retirement System of Ohio (P.E.R.S.).
   (c)   The City Auditor is hereby authorized and directed to implement the provisions of this section to effect the pick-up of the payroll deduction for the purchase of additional service credit to the Public Employees Retirement System of Ohio (P.E.R.S.) for those persons within the classes established in subsection (b) hereof.
(Res. 99-6. Passed 2-1-99.)