TITLE TWO - Subdivision Regulations
   Chap. 1220.    General Provisions and Definitions.
   Chap. 1222.    Administration, Enforcement and Penalty.
   Chap. 1224.    Procedure for Subdivision Approval.
   Chap. 1226.    Design Standards.
   Chap. 1228.    Improvements.
   Appendix I -   Auditor's Tax Information Form for Lot Splits or Lot Combinations.
   Appendix II -    Application for Approval of Preliminary Plat.
   Appendix III - Application for Approval of Final Plat.
TITLE FOUR - Zoning Code
   Chap. 1230.   General Provisions and Definitions.
   Chap. 1232.   Administration, Enforcement and Penalty.
   Chap. 1234.   Board of Zoning Adjustment.
   Chap. 1236.   District Changes and Regulation of Amendments.
   Chap. 1238.   Districts and Boundaries.
   Chap. 1240.   General Regulations.
   Chap. 1242.   Nonconforming Uses, Buildings, Structures, Lots.
   Chap. 1244.   Temporary Board of Zoning District Revision.
   Chap. 1246.   CD Conservation District.
   Chap. 1247.   AD Agricultural District.
   Chap. 1248.   RS Suburban – RL Low Density – RM Medium Density – RH High Density Single-Family Residence Districts.
   Chap. 1249.   RZLL Single-Family Residence Zero Lot Line District.
   Chap. 1250.   RMH Single-Family Manufactured Home District.
   Chap. 1251.   SFC Single-Family Condominium District.
   Chap. 1252.   TFR Two-Family Residence District.
   Chap. 1253.   MFR Multi-Family Residence District.
   Chap. 1254.   MFC Multi-Family Condominium District.
   Chap. 1255.   MFH Multi-Family High Rise District.
   Chap. 1256.   CSI Church School Institutional District.
   Chap. 1257.   LO Limited Office District.
   Chap. 1258.   GO General Office District.
   Chap. 1259.   LB Limited Intensity Business District.
   Chap. 1260.   MB Medium Intensity Business District.
   Chap. 1261.   HB High Intensity Business District.
   Chap. 1262.   GB General Business District.
   Chap. 1263.   LC Limited Commercial District.
   Chap. 1264.   GC General Commercial District.
   Chap. 1265.   DC Downtown District.
   Chap. 1266.   LI Limited Industrial District.
   Chap. 1267.   GI General Industrial District.
   Chap. 1268.   Planned Unit Development.
   Chap. 1269.   Overlay Historic District.
   Chap. 1270.   Yard and Frontage Modification in R-District.
   Chap. 1271.   Yard Projections in R-Districts.
   Chap. 1272.   Lot Area Requirements – Private Water or Sewage Disposal System.
   Chap. 1274.   Accessory Structures.
   Chap. 1276.   Fences, Walls, and Similar Structures.
   Chap. 1278.   Height Modifications.
   Chap. 1280.   Adult Entertainment Businesses.
   Chap. 1282.   Lots of Record.
   Chap. 1284.   Dwelling Groups.
   Chap. 1286.   Public and Private Swimming Pools.
   Chap. 1288.   Regulation of Satellite Signal Receiving Antennas.
   Chap. 1290.   Off-Street Parking and Loading Regulations.
   Chap. 1292.   Landscaping, Buffering, Green Space.
   Chap. 1294.   Display Signs and Outdoor Advertising.
   Chap. 1296.   Performance Standards.