Waterworks and Sewerage System
   50.001   Definitions
   50.002   Waterworks system authorized as a single utility
   50.003   Establishment of Utilities Department
   50.004   Utilities Superintendent
   50.005   Collector of revenues
   50.006   City Clerk duties
   50.007   Application; connection fees
   50.008   Water applicant with past-due bill
   50.009   Service charges
   50.010   Meters
   50.011   Temporary connections and other charges
   50.012   Service charges; billing and payment; liability
   50.013   Notice of delinquency and termination; dispute procedure
   50.014   Payment; 30-day penalty and liens
   50.015   Interruption of service
   50.016   Waterworks and sewerage system regulations
   50.017   Sewer main connection line; cost and regulations
   50.018   Sewerage connection; backtrap required
   50.019   Permits required for alterations and extensions
   50.020   City repair of system; rights of city
   50.021   Water bill payment; owner’s responsibility
   50.022   Separate premises; separate stockpile required
   50.023   Sprinkling laws
   50.024   Hydrants
Water Main Extensions
   50.035   Preliminary approval
   50.036   Installation; specifications applicable
   50.037   Plans, specifications, and EPA permit application required
   50.038   EPA permit prerequisite to construction
   50.039   Pre-annexation agreement
   50.040   Permanent easements
   50.041   Maintenance cost during first year
   50.042   Water mains
   50.043   Fire hydrant requirements
   50.044   Gate valves and boxes
   50.045   Tapping sleeves and valves
   50.046   Water mains pressure testing and disinfectant
   50.047   Inspection of work and materials
   50.048   As-built plans required
   50.049   Water mains; city property
   50.050   Commencement of city ownership responsibility
   50.065   Definitions
   50.066   Deposit of objectionable waste prohibited
   50.067   Discharging untreated sewage of other polluted water prohibited
   50.068   Private sewage disposal system
   50.069   Public sewer system
   50.070   Building sewer permit
   50.071   Sewer application with past-due bill
   50.072   Building sewers
   50.073   Using old building sewers in connection with new buildings permitted
   50.074   Discharges
   50.075   Hazardous or deleterious waters
   50.076   Grease, oil, and sand interceptors required
   50.077   Preliminary treatment or flow- equalizing facilities
   50.078   Control manhole requirements
   50.079   Industrial wastewater discharge analysis
   50.080   Damaging sewage works prohibited; disorderly conduct
   50.081   Wastewater service charge
   50.082   Flow measurement
   50.083   Minimum charge and basic user rate established
   50.084   Surcharge; rate
   50.085   Wastewater service charge; formula for computation
   50.086   Bills; requirements generally
   50.087   Notice of delinquency and termination; dispute procedure
   50.088   Charges deemed lien on property
   50.089   Foreclosure of lien authorized
   50.090   Revenues
   50.091   Rates and charges; filing with the county
   50.092   Inspection
   50.093   Access to city records
   50.999   Penalty
   Appendix A: Sewer Applications