Advisory Committee for Public Facilities
   34.001   Powers and duties
Air Pollution Control Board
   34.015   Appointment by Mayor; purpose
   34.016   Members; terms
   34.017   Officers, quorum and vacancies
   34.018   Compensation
   34.019   Meetings
   34.020   Powers and duties
   34.021   Taking appeals to Board; public hearing
Air Pollution Control Department
   34.035   Administration of air pollution regulation
   34.036   Chief of Air Pollution Control
   34.037   Powers and duties of Chief
   34.038   Air pollution inspectors
   34.039   Conflicts of interest among employees prohibited
Board of Public Works and Safety
   34.065   Establishment
   34.066   Powers and duties
   34.067   Penalties
Board of Redevelopment Trustees
   34.075   Establishment; residence requirements
   34.076   Selection of members
Board of Zoning Appeals
   34.090   Powers and duties
   34.091   Notification of rezoning or variance requests
Building Contractors Board of Examiners
   34.105   Powers and duties
Civil Defense Council
   34.115   Establishment; members
   34.116   Director of Civil Defense
   34.117   Powers and duties of Council
   34.118   Operational Civil Defense Organization
   34.119   Merit system
Department of Waterworks
   34.130   Establishment
   34.131   Board of Waterworks Trustees; powers and duties
   34.132   Compensation of Trustees
   34.133   Water district
   34.134   Rate schedules
Economic Development Commission
   34.150   Establishment
   34.151   Appointment of members; qualifications
   34.152   Terms; vacancies
   34.153   Compensation
   34.154   Powers and duties
Electrical Commission
   34.165   Powers and duties
Electrical Inspection Department
   34.175   Powers and duties
Heating and Air Conditioning Examiners Board
   34.185   Powers and duties
Historic Preservation Commission
   34.195   Historic Preservation Commission
Housing Inspection Review Board
   34.210   Powers and duties
Human Relations Commission
   34.225   Establishment
   34.226   Qualifications of members; succession; removal
   34.227   Terms
   34.228   Quorum
   34.229   Budget
   34.230   Officers
   34.231   Powers and duties
   34.232   Applicability of Administrative Adjudication and Court Review Act
Junkyards, Pawnbrokers and Secondhand Dealers Administration Board
   34.245   Powers and duties
Licensing Committees and Licensing Boards
   34.260   Licensing Committee on Recreational Parlors, Pool and Billiard Halls
   34.261   Licensing Committee for Automobile Dealers
   34.262   Exterminating and Fumigating Licensing Board
Park Department
   34.275   Operations
Plan Commission
   34.290   Powers and duties
Senior Citizens Commission
   34.300   Establishment
   34.301   Member; terms
   34.302   Officers; establishment of rules and bylaws
   34.303   Purpose
Alarm Board of Appeals
   34.315   Powers and duties
Board of Towers
   34.325   Powers and duties
Port Authority
   34.335   Establishment
   34.336   Board of Directors
Board of Stationary Engineering Examiners
   34.350   Board no longer required
Self Insurance Oversight Committee
   34.355   Establishment
   34.356   Members
   34.357   Quorum
   34.358   Compensation
   34.359   Powers and duties
Special Investigating Committee
   34.365   Establishment
   34.366   Members
   34.367   Powers and duties
Code Enforcement Services Department
   34.380   Establishment
   34.381   Powers and duties
Department of New Construction and Building Rehabilitation Services
   34.395   Powers and duties
City Inspection Departments
   34.425   Establishment
   34.426   Powers and duties
IT Department
   34.435   Establishment and purpose
   34.436   Powers and duties