It shall be unlawful for the owner or operator of a filling station in the City of Flint to allow the accumulation of junk, as hereinafter defined, upon the premises of the filling station. JUNK, for the purposes of this ordinance, is defined as any waste material, refuse or any item which has ceased to have any value for its original intended use. Nonrepairable automobiles or any automobile parts which are no longer suitable for repair operations are hereby declared to be JUNK for the purposes of this ordinance.
   The accumulation of JUNK on the property of a filling station is hereby declared to be grounds for the revocation of the permit to operate provided for in this ordinance. Such permit shall be revoked only after a public hearing and after notification to said owner or occupant by registered mail at least seven days prior to the hearing.
(Ord. 2067, passed 7-8-1968)