General Provisions
   98.001   Management and control of parks
   98.002   Hours open to the public; curfew; restrictions
   98.003   Parking areas; illegal parking
   98.004   Rules and regulations
   98.005   Glass containers prohibited
Park and Recreation Board
   98.015   Created; composition; appointment of members
   98.016   Terms of members
   98.017   Election of officers; rules of procedure
   98.018   Duties
   98.019   No authority to expend city funds or to order work done
Swimming Pools
   98.025   Splash Station general rules
   98.026   Splash Station hours of operation
   98.027   Splash Station admission fees
   98.030   Overnight camping
   98.031   Waiver of restrictions
   98.032   Enforcement
Lake Pat Cleburne
Part 1: General Provisions
   98.045   Named
   98.046   Definitions
   98.047   Application
   98.048   Supervision
   98.049   Establishment of parks and picnic areas
   98.050   Commercial areas and concessions
   98.051   Buoys, floats and markers
   98.052   Restricted areas
   98.053   Restricted zone near raw water intake
   98.054   Swimming permitted only in specified areas
   98.055   Reserved
   98.056   Trespass on dam
   98.057   Structures prohibited in reservoir area; exceptions
   98.058   Sewage system for dwellings within 1,300 feet of service spillway level
   98.059   Waste from industries, slaughterhouses and the like within watershed
   98.060   Restrictions on animals and animal pens or barns
   98.061   Land fills
   98.062   Deposit of garbage, trash and the like prohibited
   98.063   Destruction of property on lake
   98.064   Hunting and discharge or possession of firearms prohibited
   98.065   Skiing, surfboarding and the like
   98.066   Children under 12 to be accompanied by adult
   98.067   Ordering persons ashore due to weather
   98.068   Obedience to instructions, warnings and signs relating to lake
   98.069   Waiver of chapter provisions for special events
   98.070   City not liable for damages; use of lake subject other regulations
   98.071   Enforcement of law relating to lake
   98.072   Exclusion of violators
   98.073   Revocation of licenses and permits
   98.074   Operation of motor vehicles prohibited except in designated areas
Part 2: Boats
   98.080   Boats — Inspection and approval or disapproval
   98.081   House boats, air boats, rafts and barges prohibited; exception; other boats prohibited
   98.082   Boats to be self sustaining; exception
   98.083   Boat Lights
   98.084   Search lighting
   98.085   Life preservers
   98.086   Muffling devices
   98.087   Fire extinguishers
   98.088   Backfire arrestor for carburetors
   98.089   Ventilators
   98.090   Toilet facilities
   98.091   Sirens
   98.092   Minimum age of operators
   98.093   Launching permitted only at authorized points
   98.094   Traffic rules
   98.095   Reckless driving and speeding
   98.096   Operation under the Influence; habitual user of liquor, drugs or barbiturates
   98.097   Carrying liquor
   98.098   Use for commercial fishing or taking game
   98.099   Riding on decks and gunwales
   98.100   Obstruction of traffic lanes prohibited
   98.101   Mooring to buoys, beacons or signs
   98.102   Anchoring
   98.103   Overloading
   98.104   Accidents
   98.105   Removal of boats from lake
   98.106   Derelicts
Part 3: Fishing
   98.115   Fishing — Applicability of state law
   98.116   Fishing Prohibited near intake tower
   98.117   Permitted fishing equipment
   98.118   Destruction of abandoned or unlawful equipment
   98.119   Prohibited bait
   98.120   Commercial fishing prohibited
Part 4: Piers and Boathouses
   98.125   Application of building code
   98.126   General issues affecting boat docks/lake access sites
   98.127   Permit required
   98.128   Pier, dock, and boathouse permit requirements
   98.129   Issuance of a permit
   98.130   Existing non-conforming docks, piers, and boathouses
   98.131   Maintenance of piers, docks, and boathouses
   98.132   Removal of unpermitted piers, docks, and boathouses
Golf Course
   98.200   General rules
   98.201   Hours of operation
   98.202   Fee schedule
Booker T. Washington Community and Recreation Center
   98.300   General rules
   98.301   Hours of operation
   98.302   Fee schedule
Winston Patrick McGregor Park
   98.400   General rules
   98.401   Hours of operation
   98.402   Fee schedule; Park House general rules
Cleburne Sports Complex
   98.500   General rules
   98.501   Hours of operation
   98.502   Fee schedule
Don Moore Park and Carver Park
   98.600   General rules
   98.601   Hours of operation
   98.602   Fee schedule
   98.999   Penalty