General Provisions
   99.01   Certain ordinances relating to streets saved from repeal
   99.02   Adoption of state law relative to street improvements
   99.03   Hearing on street improvement assessments
   99.04   Interfering with street improvement work
   99.05   Property owners to maintain sidewalks
   99.06   Obstructions prohibited
   99.07   Obstruction by trees, hedges or shrubs
   99.08   Display of goods, wares and merchandise on sidewalks
   99.09   Awnings over sidewalks
   99.10   Dumping or spilling of loads prohibited; remedies; exceptions
Construction and Repair of Sidewalks, Driveways and the like
   99.20   Definitions
   99.21   Purpose
   99.22   Application
   99.23   Permit
   99.24   Special permission for construction of commercial driveway
   99.25   Special permission for installation of setback
   99.26   Contractor's bond
   99.27   Lines and grades
   99.28   Specifications
   99.29   Occupancy of street with materials and equipment; barricades
   99.30   Approval of work
   99.31   Maintenance of setback area
   99.32   Replacement of obsolete setbacks
   99.33   Replacement of obsolete driveways
Street Excavations
   99.40   Definitions
   99.41   Boring and tunnelling
   99.42   Permit required
   99.43   Permit fees
   99.44   Restoring the surface
   99.45   Minimum depth of utility pipes below city-owned property
   99.99   Penalty
   Animals, see Ch. 91
   Authority of city relative to streets and sidewalks, see Charter §§ 2.3 and 2.4
   Building lines for business structures on certain streets, see § 150.001
   Loudspeakers on or near streets, see § 130.05
   Peddling on streets and sidewalks, see § 116.01
   Railroads, see Ch. 73
   Soliciting alms on streets, see § 116.02
   Street numbers for houses, see § 150.004
   Street parade tax for circuses, see § 111.01
   Street rental charge for taxicabs and buses, see §§ 117.05 and 117.37
   Streets and sidewalks in subdivisions, see §§ 154.080 et seq.
   Traffic Code, see Title VII