General Water and Sewer Provisions
   50.001   Water and Sewer Department; Water Resources Director
   50.002   Right to enter premises of customers
   50.003   Permit required to connect to water or sewer system; application
   50.004   Water and sewer connection fees
   50.005   Billing periods
   50.006   Paying service charges
   50.007   Discontinuance of service for delinquent accounts; restoration fee
   50.008   Connections outside city limits
   50.009   Release of billing information
   50.010   Delegation of authority to the City Manager
General Water Service Provisions
   50.015   Nonliability of city
   50.016   Deposit required for water service
   50.017   Discontinuance of service for violation of water regulations
   50.018   Fraudulent use or unnecessary waste
   50.019   Turning on water when shut off by city prohibited
   50.020   Persons not entitled to service
   50.021   Adjustment policy
   50.022   Temporary discontinuance of service at customer's request
   50.023   Meter by-pass regulated
   50.024   Use of fire hydrants
   50.025   Yard fixtures to be closed when not in use
   50.026   Trespass upon premises used in providing city water
   50.027   Emergency water management procedures
Connections and Fixtures
   50.037   Connection to city water supply required; exceptions
   50.038   Conditions under which property owners may lay pipe lines in streets
   50.039   Tapping to service connection; installation of meter
   50.040   Responsibility for cost of connections
   50.041   Connection specifications
   50.042   Stop and waste cock installation
   50.043   Connection maintenance
   50.044   Water meters; testing and fees
   50.045   Disconnection fees
   50.046   Cross-connection control and backflow prevention
Service Beyond City Limits
   50.055   Customers subject to city regulations
   50.056   Permit required; application for service connections
   50.057   Extensions to the city water system
   50.058   Water meters
   50.059   Sprinkler systems regulated
Water Rates
   50.065   Rates within city
   50.066   Rates for customers outside city
General Sewer Provisions
   50.075   Definitions
   50.076   Tampering with system
   50.077   Injurious substances prohibited
   50.078   Specific materials prohibited in sanitary sewers
   50.079   Deposits prohibited in manholes
   50.080   Sewers to be maintained in good repair
Sewer Connections
   50.090   Permit required
   50.091   Connections to be made by Water and Sewer Department
   50.092   Connection costs
   50.093   Application for permit prerequisite to construction
   50.094   Issuance of permit; conditions and duration
   50.095   Connection within specified time required; toilet facilities
   50.096   Septic tanks in lieu of sewer connections
   50.097   Toilet facilities to be connected to public sewers
   50.098   New improvements to be connected
   50.099   Notice to property owners of system extensions
   50.100   Refusal to make required connection
   50.101   Unauthorized privies constitute nuisances
   50.102   Prohibited connections
   50.103   Extensions of the sewer system
   50.104   Low pressure sewer systems
Sewer Service Charges
   50.110   Sewer rates
   50.111   Industrial and commercial properties not discharging all water into city sewers
   50.112   Properties other than industrial or commercial not discharging water into city sewers
   50.113   Billing and collection
   50.114   Meters and measuring devices
   50.115   Properties not receiving water from any city source