General Provisions
   51.01   Keeping of junk restricted
   51.02   Littering prohibited
   51.03   Accumulation of trash unlawful
   51.04   Removal of refuse from vacant lots; notice to owners
   51.05   Businesses to maintain areas clear of trash and provide receptacles
   51.06   Transportation of solid waste into city for collection prohibited
   51.07   Offensive materials not to be brought into or buried in city
City Collection Service
   51.15   Container requirements
   51.16   Receptacles for multifamily residential, commercial, and business enterprises
   51.17   Containers to be placed at street only on collection days
   51.18   Removal of empty containers
   51.19   Liquid materials not to be collected
   51.20   Containers not to interfere with traffic
   51.21   Interference with solid waste/ recyclables containers prohibited
   51.22   Placing of materials for special collection
   51.23   Materials not subject to collection
   51.24   Compliance required
Rates and Charges
   51.35   User charges for commercial sanitation customers
   51.36   User charges for residential sanitation customers
   51.37   Transfer station tipping fee