General Provisions
   194.001   Title
   194.002   Authority
   194.003   Purpose
   194.004   Effective date
   194.005   Repealer
   194.006   Exclusion
   194.007   Interpretation
   194.008   Jurisdiction
   194.009   Subdivision of land
   194.010   Scope and application
   194.011   Findings
   194.012   Private provisions
   194.013   Determination of land uses not listed in the zoning ordinance
   194.014   Saving provision
   194.015   Amendments
   194.016   Compliance
   194.017   Infrastructure and utility easements
   194.018   Obstruction of easements
   194.019   Nonconforming lots, uses, buildings or structures
   194.020   Additional setback provisions
   194.021   Urban section vision clearance areas
   194.022   General regulations for all urban residential districts
   194.023   Requirements for submittal of a traffic impact study
   194.024   Interpretation; definitions
   194.025   Severability
   194.040   Establishment of Zoning Districts
   194.041   Rural C: Rural Conservation District
   194.042   Rural AP: Rural Agricultural Preservation District
   194.043   Rural AG: Rural General Agricultural District
   194.044   Rural RE: Rural Equestrian District
   194.045   Urban R-E Equestrian/Estate Residential District
   194.046   Urban R-SF-1: Single-Family Residential District
   194.047   Urban R-SF-2: Single-Family Residential District
   194.048   Urban R-SF-3: Urban Single-Family Residential Districts
   194.049   Urban R-SF-4 Single-Family Residential Districts
   194.050   Urban R-MF-1: Multi-Family Residential Districts
   194.051   Urban R-MF-2: Multi-Family Residential Districts
   194.052   Urban R-V: Village Residential Districts
   194.053   Rural R-1: Rural Single-Family Residential
   194.054   Rural R-2: Rural Single- and Two-Family Residential
   194.055   Rural R-3: Rural Single- and Two-Family Residential
   194.056   Rural R-4: Rural Single- and Two-Family Residential
   194.057   Rural MF: Rural Multi-Family Residential
   194.058   Urban B-O: Office Business District
   194.059   Urban B-1: Urban Neighborhood Business
   194.060   Urban B-2: Urban General Business District
   194.061   Urban B-3: Urban Outdoor Business
   194.062   Urban VBD: Urban Village Business
   194.063   Rural LB: Rural Local Business
   194.064   Rural PB: Rural Professional Business
   194.065   Rural UB: Rural Urban Business
   194.066   Rural GB: Rural General Business
   194.067   AB: Rural Accommodation Business
   194.068   Urban I-ORT Urban Office/Research/Technology Industrial
   194.069   Urban I-1: Urban Light Industrial
   194.070   Urban I-2: Urban General Industrial
   194.071   Urban I-3: Heavy Industrial District
   194.072   Rural Industrial District
   194.073   Rural I-1: Rural Light Industrial
   194.074   Rural I-2: Rural General Industrial
   194.075   Urban Special Use Districts
   194.076   Urban O-1: Urban Open Land District
   194.077   Urban FP: Urban Floodplain Secondary District
   194.078   MRO: Urban U.S. Highway 421-Michigan Road Corridor Overlay District
   194.079   Rural: Overlay Districts
   194.080   Rural AZ: Rural Airport Zoning District
   194.081   Districts
   194.082   Authorized uses and requirements
Supplemental Regulations
   194.095   Urban accessory uses
   194.096   Urban temporary uses, structures and buildings
   194.097   Rural property development standards
   194.098   Urban home occupations
   194.099   Rural home occupations
   194.100   Urban special regulations for residential facilities for the mentally ill
   194.101   Urban special regulations for adult entertainment businesses
   194.102   Urban special regulations for wireless telecommunications facilities
   194.103   Rural special regulations
   194.104   Urban performance standards
   194.105   Urban off-street parking regulations
   194.106   Urban off-street loading regulations
   194.107   Urban requirements for drive-through off-street stacking spaces
   194.108   Urban requirements for all private streets, interior access driveways and interior access drives
   194.109   Urban landscaping requirements
   194.110   Rural: manufactured homes
   194.111   Rural parking and loading requirements
   194.112   Urban works of art
   194.113   Lighting standards
Development Plans
   194.125   Development plans required for development in certain districts
   194.126   Plan documentation and supporting information
   194.127   Procedures for submission and review of development plans
   194.128   Expiration of approved development plans and development plan with commitments
Planned Unit Development
   194.140   Planned Unit Development District
   194.141   General conditions
   194.142   Uses within a planned unit development
   194.143   Guidelines for design
   194.144   Lot area and lot width
   194.145   Water and sewer
   194.146   Procedure for approval
   194.147   Additional information to be provided
   194.148   Review standards
   194.149   Final plat required
Sign Regulations
   194.160   Intent, application and findings
   194.161   Urban exempt signs
   194.162   Urban prohibited signs
   194.163   Urban general regulations
   194.164   Urban on-premises signs: business and industrial districts
   194.165   Urban on-premises signs: VBD Village Business District
   194.166   Urban on-premises signs: signs in residential and open land districts
   194.167   Urban on-premises signs: signs in special use districts
   194.168   Urban off-premises outdoor advertising signs
   194.169   Rural: signs
Districts and Maps
   194.180   Official zone map
   194.181   Identification of the official zone map
   194.182   Official zone map changes
   194.183   Retention and preservation of records
   194.184   Interpretation of the official zone map
   194.185   Zoning of newly annexed land
   194.186   Thoroughfare plan; road classifications
Administrative and Decision Making Bodies
   194.200   Town Council
   194.201   Plan Commission
   194.202   Board of Zoning Appeals
Development Review Procedures
   194.215   Required permits and approvals
   194.216   Improvement location permits
   194.217   Compliance with other laws, ordinances, rules or regulations
   194.218   Application and approval
   194.219   Certificate of occupancy
   194.220   Fees
   194.235   Authority
   194.236   Alleged violations
   194.237   Responsibility for violations
   194.238   Inspection of property; right of entry
   194.239   Stop-work order
   194.240   Violations
   194.999   Penalty